Monday, March 18, 2013

Oh-So-Called Makeup Artist: Ocha

Hi all!

I wanna show you my newest makeup portfolio.. As usual, I collaborated with this young & talented photographer, Ila Schaffer. The makeup concept is colorful & playful. I was so happy when applying those colors on her face. Btw this beautiful lady name is Ocha. Her skin is so flawless!! She's also very nice! Here are the results..
All pictures courtesy of Ila Schaffer 
Photographer: Ila Schaffer
Models: Ocha (JIM Models)
 Stylist: Ila Schaffer
Makeup Artist: Carryna P


Puti Adrian said...

soooooooooooo great caryn!!! :D

theprettytales said...

wah makeupnya so glamourous, great job kak. :D

Unknown said...

Hihi... Thanks Putchy & Devi!! ^^

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