Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Birthday Girl - Apri

Hi all..

Here are my latest works with Ila Schaffer. Her name is Apri. She's 17 years old. Her skin is very beautiful! She also has a pair of gorgeous eyes. You must be agree after seeing her pictures:
Photographer: Ila Schaffer
Model: Apri
Stylist: Ila Schaffer
Makeup & Hair do: Carryna P


Unknown said...

Bella! Cantik banget Carryn, makeupnya baguus! *angguk2*

Unknown said...

Hihi.. Thank you Maay!! ^^

Cheryl Raissa Alfaruqi said...

love it ce carryn, perfect! ♥ *ikut angguk2*

Unknown said...

Aaaa.. thanks Cheryl!! ^^

R said...

Love the makeup! Strong brows and nude lippie <3

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