Monday, May 13, 2013

Chicken Oatmeal

Hi all!

How are you!? I'm superfine! ^^ Today is Monday and I stay at home. I resign from my office. The last day should be on Friday 16th but I take a week annual leave. No, I'm not going to be a full time blogger XD *Iwish. I move to another office that start next Monday. Yaay!

Anyway.. I promise myself to fix my life schedule in this week. I start making breakfast for my husband and cleaning up the house.. which I couldn't do while I'm working. Sometimes I feel exhausted because my schedule is packed with working and blogging. Don't get me wrong, I'm very grateful because I have a lot of things to do. I just want to refresh it for good. ^^

So.. let's start by eating healthier! In this post I would like to share one of my recipes for breakfast. If you don't really like oatmeal, like my husband XD, maybe you have to try this recipe! It's so easy and.. hopefully healthy! Anyway.. the chicken broth, I made it myself too. I will share the recipe later ok.

Chicken Oatmeal
2 eggs
1/2 cup frozen chicken broth
300 ml water
3 tablespoons extra light olive oil
8 tablespoons quick cook oatmeal
Salt & pepper
Mixed herbs

2 champignon mushrooms
1 carrot
2 cherry tomatoes
8 cloves garlic
1 red tomatoe
4x2cm ginger
How to make it?
1. Heat olive oil. Add garlics, red tomato and ginger. Saute until fragrant (I like using chopsticks for sauting ^^).
2. Place it on the other side of the pan. Add 2 eggs. Sprinkle a few salt & pepper.
3. Scramble it.
4. Stir well with the vegetables.
5. Add champignon mushrooms & carrot.
6. Saute until cooked. Put on a plate.
7. Leave ginger on the pan.
8. Add oatmeal, water and frozen chicken broth. 
9. Stir and boil until cooked.
10. Put the porridge on a bowl.
11. Sprinkle mixed herbs.
12. Put a cherry tomato in the center of porridge and surround it with sauted eggs & vegetables. It's finished!
This is 2 servings recipe.

Happy cooking and happy nom nom nom!! ^^


Devi Anviana Putri said...

waaahhh look so delicious mbak carryn >.<

Kornelia Luciana said...

Wah kelihatannya enak. Btw, rasanya apa? Manis atau asin?

Unknown said...

Devi -> Hihi.. cobain bikin di rumah.

Kornelia -> Rasanya gurih.. Apalagi pake kaldu asli buatan sendiri. ^^

Becky-Ann said...

Savoury Oatmeal I like this idea!
Thanks for sharing :)

Unknown said...

Becky-Ann> You're welcome dear, thanks for visiting my blog ^^

Turis Cantik said...

Udh coba tadi pagi enak cuman kurang asin dikit. Makasih resepnya heheh

Unknown said...

Boleh ditambah garam, merica & bumbu2 lain loh.. Hihi.. Thanks for reading my blog!! ^^

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