Tuesday, May 7, 2013

D'EYEKO Princess Syahrini Premium Lashes

Hi all!!

*I'm going to start writing in English again, for good. =D

Today I want to share my review of these "Cetar Membahana" lashes.. XD Yupp!! D'EYEKO, one of the biggest false lashes company collaborates with the famous Indonesian singer, Syahrini to create these premium lashes series. Syahrini is very famous with her unique words, her funny instagram hashtags ^^ and her bold lashes. I heard that she always wear more than a layer of lashes, that's why her eyes always look wide open "Anti Badai" like that (I don't know if it's true or not =P). I'm so excited to give these lashes a try!! Hoho.. Here they are..
The packaging is quite good. It reflects personality of the brand and the ambassador: Premium and Glamorous. This series is designed by Syahrini herself. It is 100% handmade! So we don't have to worry about the quality since it is made by the expert. It also comes with a white glue which will becomes clear after it getting dry.
Actually D'EYEKO Princess Syahrini Lashes have 5 series: Cakrawala, Cendrawasih, Katulistiwa, Merak and Surya Kencana. These are 2 of them, Cakrawala and Surya Kencana:
These lashes made of human hair. It looks neat & natural.

1. Surya Kencana
It consists of long thin hair with transparent band. It's very light and natural! It is nice to wear for everyday wide-eyed look.
2. Cakrawala
The length is not as long as Surya Kencana, but it's thicker and fuller. It has black band. In my opinion, it looks less natural than Surya Kencana. Maybe it will look good for a party look. See how dramatic it is on my eyes:
How if I combine it together!? Of course it's absolutely CETAR MEMBAHANA BADAI!! XD
Yes, it looks too bold on me. I look like a drag queen, ready to perform on the stage XD My eyes can't stop blinking because it's so heavy!! Haha.. So I prefer to wear each of them alone.
This picture shows the comparison of their length from side view:
Overall I like them! I prefer Surya Kencana than Cakrawala because it looks more natural on me. I also love how light it is, still comfortable when it is used in a long time. It can be used more than once. Make sure you have removed the glue after using it and store it properly in the box to make it stay in shape. The price is affordable for a pair of good quality lashes. I'm so curious of three other series.. ^^

Anyway, as bonus, I also make this video. I hope it is useful for you who want to learn how to apply your own false lashes. Enjoy! Don't forget to change quality to 360p.
See ya!


Devi Anviana Putri said...

cantikkkkk mbak carryn :D <3 makasih tutorialnya mbak :D

Leeviahan said...

cetaar lah kak haha,itu bulu mata bagus emang :D,ohya btw itu pake wig ya k??lucuuu >.<


Dewie Aprillia said...

aaaaakk..mata kamu emang cakep banget!! sukaaaaa.. <3
btw, aku lebih suka layout lama kamu..hehhee

Vheii said...

matamu selalu cantik caar <33

Unknown said...

Thank you so much ladies... ^^

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