Monday, June 17, 2013

Laneige Beautiful Blogger Challenge - Day & Night Look

Hi all!

I was invited to join Laneige Beautiful Blogger Challenge at Sogo Beauty Lounge, PIM II. In this event, the participants had to create 2 Korean look: Day & Night look, using Laneige produtcts. When I arrived, I met my beauty blogger friends: Catra, Cilla Hanna, Rini. Wow! It would be a thight competition!
They provided tables with makeup tools on it. Each table suit for two bloggers, Cilla was my chairmate! ^^ We also got a goodie bag! What’s inside it? Keep reading!
Before strated, Laneige team explained about Laneige brand to us:

‘LA NEIGE’ means ‘Snow’ in French, born as  a  brand  for  women in their  20’s  in  September  1994,  studies the  skincare  concerns  and  trends  of  women  in  their  20’s  and completes  the  beauty  of   women  by  pursuing  the  artistic  sensibility  of water  science  to  help  women  achieve  the  radiant, dewy  skin  they  have  always  longed for.

So, don't be surprised if their tagline is “Be Waterful!”. It also shows on their branding color tone, white & blue, so refreshing!

Then, we got briefed for the challenge. Laneige team started playing the tutorial video on screen. The first video was about preparation before applying makeup on skin.

Here are the preparation steps:
1. Remove the makeup with Laneige Lip & Eye Remover Waterproof. This product was created specifically for lips & eye makeup. Dab an amount of it on a cotton pad, swipe it on lips & eyes area. Voila! The makeup is gone quickly!
2. Clean up the skin with Laneige Oil-Free Cleansing Liquid. Yes, it's oil-free! It looks like cleansing oil from outside, but the texture is like a gel. With fingers, apply it on face, neck & ears. Then clean the excess with water, we can also using a damp sponge.
Here is the before-after picture:
My skin was in the bad condition on that day.
There’s a lot of pimples & redness caused by hormone. =(
3. Apply Laneige White Plus Renew Skin Refiner by damping a cotton pad with about 1 ml (2.5 cm in diameter), then gently swipe onto the skin. It’s a gel-type skin refiner that removes residue and boots whitening effect before skin care. Suprisingly, it absorbed quickly on my skin and didn’t feel sticky.
4. Apply Laneige White Plus Renew Emulsion on skin with fingers. It’s a non-sticky, fresh textured emulsion that provides intensive whitening effect.
5. Apply Laneige White Plus Renew Essence with fingers, gently spread from center towards the contours. Then use both palms, wrap the face for a moment to aid in absorbtion. Basically it’s like a serum, the whitening essence that renews skin rapidly for transparency and clarify with 3-steps melanin blocking system.
Left: Laneige Lip & Eye Remover Waterproof & Laneige Oil-Free Cleansing Liquid.
Right: Laneige White Plus Renew Skin RefinerLaneige White Plus Renew Emulsion
Laneige White Plus Renew Essence for all skin type.
6. Prepare skin with Primer. I was using Laneige Water Supreme Primer Base SPF 15 No.60 (Light Green) with fingers to correct reddish and dark skin tone for clear complexion. This is a primer base with the supple Aqua Texture to smoothen the surface of skin as moisturizing primer and prepares it for foundation with moisture coating. 
- For extremely light wearing: Blend this primer and foundation in the ratio 2:1.
- For very dry skin: Blend essence and this primer in the ratio 1:2.
7. Apply Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion SPF 50+ PA+++. It has 4 different shades, mine is No. 31
This famous product is a liquid blemish balm in a compact packaging. It has 5 functions:
- Bright and clear whitening care 
- Powerful cunscreen effect with SPF 50+/PA+++
- Refreshing cooling effect – 3° C drop in temperature
- Natural glow makeup – Light scattering spherical powder
- Sweat proof & long lasting 
I really love its cooling effect! It comes with a special sponge which has lots of tiny pores, so the product can absorb quickly. I also love the coverage! Most BB cream has a light coverage which doesn’t cover blemishes well. But this Laneige BB Soothing Cushion covers my blemishes and redness perfectly! You can see my unedited picture below.
8. Apply Laneige Water Supreme Finishing Pact SPF 25 for matte finish skin. Because my skin is oily, it doesn't look too matte on my skin, you can see the result on right picture:
Yaay! The preparation steps was finished! The photographer took some pictures of us. Then, I started applying eye makeup.
Applying makeup for Day & Night look:
1. Define eyebrows with Laneige Natural Brow Liner - Auto Pencil No. 2 (Stone Grey). This is an auto pencil type brow liner that glides on to create soft and delicate lines. The eyebrow shape in Korean look is very natural and firm. So I drew my brows as natural as possible. 
2. Continue with applying Laneige Multi Shaping Eyeliner - Over & Inner Liner No. 2 (Brown). This is a water-proof eyeliner softly draws on eye line and mucosa of eye without smudging. For  day look, I applied thin layer of this product on upper lash lines only. For night look, I applied it under my bottom lashes too.
3. Apply Laneige Extra Easy Eyeliner in Black. This is a sponge eyeliner that can be used easily even for beginners. Be careful when you open it! Make sure you it’s in the right position. For day look I drew a thin line of it on my upper lash lines. For night look, I created wing eyeliner with longer tail on my upper lash lines.
4. Apply Laneige Volume Setting Mascara in Black to upper & bottom lashes. This mascara dries very quicly. It makes my lashes look longer and thicker. It’s also easy to rempve, just splash the eyes with warm water! No makeup remover needed. =D
5. Apply Laneige Multi Professional Shadow No. 01 on eyes. This palette consists of 4 shades with 3 types of texture: Shimmer Beige, Nude Beige, Shine Brown, Dark Brown. For day look, I applied a thin layer of  Nude Beige on my entire lids and added an amount of Shine Brown on the outer corner of the eyes. For night look, I applied Shine Brown on entire lids and mix it with Dark Brown in the outer corner of the eyes. Add a little Shimmer Beige shade in the inner corner for a fresh eye effect.
6. Apply Laneige Professional Selection Blusher No. 01 (Pink Gradation) on the apple of cheeks. I really  love this blush! It’s vibrant but sill natural on my skin.
7. I also spread Shimmer Beige eyeshadow on my brow bones, cheek bones and nose bridge as highlight.
8. For day look, I applied Laneige Pure Glossy Lipstick No. LR107 (Delicious Pink) at the center of my lips, then spread it with brush to entire lips for natural Korean lips. Add a thin layer of Laneige Snow Crystal Pure Lipgloss No. LR06 (Jelley Pink). For night look, I only apllied Laneige Snow Crystal Moisture Lipstick No. YR24 (Sweet Orange) on my lips.
Left: Laneige Snow Crystal Pure Lipgloss No. LR06 (Jelley Pink)
and Laneige Pure Glossy Lipstick No. LR107 (Delicious Pink).
Right: Laneige Snow Crystal Moisture Lipstick No. YR24 (Sweet Orange).
 Here is my final day & night look:
 Do I look like Song Hye-Kyo? LOL
Then the photographer took some pictures of me on stage:
 Left: I changed my clothes for the night look ^^ Right: Me & Catra look so pretty right!? ;D
 Look how pretty we are in our final look! ^^
 It was a very fun event! ^^
And.. here are Laneige products that we used on that day. We can bring it all home!!! Yes, all of it!!! You must be envy! LOL..
Thank you so much for reading this post. Anyway.. I need your help to vote me in this challenge. Here is the link -> I would be very thankful!! Love you all!! =D

See ya..!


Pinkylici0us said...

Woww...keren bgt event-nya, say :) Really really envy you nich..hahaha...


banyak hadiahnya loh….dari merek Etude House, Tony Moly, The Face Shop, It’s Skin, etc

ajak teman2mu jg yach, ada SURPRISE GIFTS too for your friend ^_^v

Caranya gampang banget koq, cek di

Thank u so much, dear ^_^v

followed your blog too...muachh..xoxo

Cheryl Raissa Alfaruqi said...

as always postingnya syeruuu kaa, kapan kapan ketemu lagi yaaah *.* ncup ncupp semoga kita beruntung *TOS* hihihih

carryn said...

Yup Cheryl!!! See u at next event!! ^^ Good luck too!! *TOS*

Grace Soputra said...

Ce mau tanya dong . Aku bingung ama jenis kulit ku ? -- kalau lgi jerawatan malah kering loh bs ampe terkelupas gt . Mau tanya juga kalau buat ilangin noda hitam bekas jerawat bagus nya pke produk apa ya ce ? :(

carryn said...

Hi Grace, coba kamu pakai skin care yg jenis brightening sekaligus melembabkan kulit. Range skin care Laneige yg saya gunakan di postingan ini so far saya coba, lumayan mencerahkan kulit muka saya termasuk bekas2 jerawat. Kamu coba konsultasi aja dulu ke counternya ^^ Oh iya, jangan lupa maskeran seminggu sekali =D said...

penah coba skincare nya tapi belum pernah coba make up nya. kalau dilihat dari hasilnya keren ya ;)

Kar Lina said...

Cakeeeppp! ^^

Btw, aq belum pernah coba produk ini .. :)

Mampir ya sees, and follow back ..

carryn said...

turiscantik> iya.. bb soothing cushion-nya bagus banget! harus coba ^^

Anonymous said...

wahh, teknik meriasnya keren yah sis

saya doain kamu menang yah

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Mas Tosu said...

keren nih artikelnya, good luck..!

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