Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Kawaii Beauty Japan

Hi all!!

What pops up in your mind when you hear the word "Japan"?




My answer is.. High Quality Beauty Products! Hoho..

Unlike my little sister who loves Japan so much, my makeup style is not too Japanese. But I have many Japanese beauty products on my makeup desk. Why? Because I love their quality ! The eyeliner, cleansing oil, foundation, all Japanese beauty products that I have never failed to please me! =D

That's why I was thrilled when I found this media named Kawaii Beauty Japan (KBJ) on facebook. It is a one-stop media where we can experience of revealing our true beauty with Japanese beauty concept.

KBJ was started on April 21 2013 and established by a Japanese beauty media company Rich Media, working with more than 700 Japanese cosmetic companies in Japan. Within a month and a half, KBJ has gained 300K likes and received up to 50 questions about skin care via direct message. Woow!

If you follow their facebook, you can get lots of useful information related to Japanese Beauty. They share pictures and tips almost everyday! They want to spread the Japanese Beauty spirit to all over Indonesia =D Here are some examples:

(Click on the image to directly read the tips)

Kawaii Beauty Japan has 3 concepts:
1. "Skin"
KBJ wants to introduce many skin care tips and highly recommended Japanese beauty products to us.
2. "Heart"
KBJ believe sthat beauty is not only about the look, but also the inner beauty. So they also share about the beauty of Japanese culture and scenery.
3. "Body"
Healthy diet is the foundation for maintaining beauty. Japanese diet is known as the most healthy diet. That's why KJB tries to provide the healthy beautiful tips from Japan.

KBJ also held a contest named "KBJ Stars". Here is the detail:
They will announce the winner soon! ^^

Okay then, what are you waiting for? Visit and like their facebook page, Kawaii Beauty Japan and sign up to subscribe their newsletter in here. *Be careful, this page will make you want to visit Japan soon! XD

See ya!


Cella said...

inu bukannya uda lewat ya kak contestnya?

Unknown said...

Memang udah lewat dear, jadi saya tulis: "They will announce the winner soon!" ^^

Turis Cantik said...

aku udah ikutan kemaren wish me luck heheheh

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