Tuesday, July 23, 2013

My Beauty Diary 2-Step Snail Mask

Hi all!

If you see my bare face pictures in some previous posts, you can see there are many acne blemishes. My skin care routine is often missed in the last few weeks because I'm very busy moving to a new home.. Now I regret it.. blemishes are so hard to disappear..

Lucky me, I received a box of face mask from Hello Beauty Shop. It is My Beauty Diary 2-Step Mask, a famous face mask from Taiwan. What's unique about this product is each sachet consists of mask and cream. That's why it is called "2 step masks". It has 7 variants for different skin types. I chose Snail Mask that helps us reduce blemishes.

Some corners of the box are dented because I put it inside my bag before (U_U"). All of the information is not in English, except the name. I could not understand anything except the pictures.. Here it is...
One box contains 8 sachets.
Each sachet consists of mask & cream.. We can tear it up..
Here is the mask.. It's like a piece of tissue with a shape like a face. It's very wet becoz it contains a lot of essence.
After cleaning my face with facial wash, I use the mask for 20-30 minutes. This kind of mask is never fit in my face shape XD I always look so weird..
Becoz the mask is very wet, I also apply the essence not only to my ears & neck, but also to my hands and feet! XD

After 30 minutes I remove the mask. I can feel the essence absorbs well into my skin. Love it!

Then, I apply the Snail Repair Cream without washing my face.. The texture is very creamy. The content is too much for a single use. So we can put the rest in a jar for later use. Or simply apply it to hands & feet again, as I do. I pat my face several times so the cream will absorb well.

Then.. I went to sleep.. zz.. zz.. z..
Sorry I forgot taking my picture after using this products (for the first time). I will update this post after further use.

Price: IDR 180.000/ box (8 sachets)

What I Love:
- The effect on my skin when I woke up in the morning. My face became fresher and brighter although it was my first time use.
- Both of them are fragrance free. 
- My pores are significantly smaller.
- My face felt moist but not sticky, even after I washed it with facial wash..
- Affordable!

- The essence is too much IMHO. I'm a little inconvenience when applying it on my face because it's very wet. But, it's also good at the same time because the mask doesnt dry quickly.

Overall, I love it! Especially since it comes with snail repair cream. I will update this post after I spent all of those sachets! Maybe it will take a month (I will use it twice a week ^^).

If you want to buy it too, you can visit Hello Beauty Shop. You can also get more information about My Beauty Diary Mask on their facebook here.

And, dear readers...

You can get a 15% Discount
on every purchase of  My Beauty Diary Masks in Hello Beauty Shop
just mention my name, CARRYNA
(valid until 30 July 2013)


Happy shopping everyone! ^^ See ya!


dishysammy.com said...

Snails are really in skin care right now. I have a snail serum and a snail pack. :)

Unknown said...

Yupp! Previously I could not imagine, an invertebrate animal has lots of benefits for our skin =D

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