Wednesday, July 10, 2013

New Girl

Hi all!

No, I won't talking about Zooey Deschanel's TV series which I love. I'm talking about me. Haha..

How are youuuuu!?? OMG I really miss my daily blogging routine. Sorry for the lack of update, I'm busy moving to my new office and new home.. T_T Now I'm officially a suburban lady XD coz no longer live in Jakarta. Yep, I'm moving to Depok! I won't tell you my exact location for privacy. One thing you should know, it's so faaaar.. faaar awaaaay!!! Hahah..

In the previous place (a rented apartment), I usually get home around 7 PM if don't have to work overtime. Now, I arrive at home around 8.30 to 9 PM!!! The traffic and the distance between my office in Jakarta and my home in Depok suck my energy. There's no strength left to turn on my macbook, make a review, write my thoughts etc.. Huhu.. Actually the distance is quite near (my office is in Ragunan, but I have to wait for my husband picking me up from his office at THAMRIN! (/O_O\)

BUT, I feel more peaceful and greateful because it's ours!! Finally! After over four months a year, we could buy our own home! So, distance doesn't matter! As long as we always get home safe & sound. Hoho.. Although my house still need lots of improvement in interior design. We have to be patient because it will cost a lot! Anybody want to sponsor interior design & appliances for my home? LOL *Iwish

We also had our big family came to visit us. They look so happy to see our achievement. Nothing can make me happier than seeing people that I love happy! =D

Why I choose Depok?

Because Depok is not Jakarta!

The house price in Jakarta is super expensive (for me) lah! There's a lot of developers build new apartments and houses, then sell it in unreasonable price. Ok, maybe it has lot of good facilities, good location, good for investment etc.. etc.. etc.. but hey.. some people need a house to live in, not for rent! DOH! You know what I mean ya.. And I don't understand why the government just let it happen like that..

I'm sure there's a lot of new couple like me and my husband who really want to buy a house but can't afford it, not because they don't have money, but because the price is too high!! And the down payment is also so high!! When we can have our own place!? Since we are not that rich and not the child of "somebody" and not good in managing finances XD

Sometimes we have to work harder than everyone else. And it's good for some reasons! ^^

One of solution is.. we must looking for another place outside Jakarta, like other thousands people do. It's normal, isn't it? The suburbs fullfill Jakarta during the day and leave in the evening. (I wish the government will improve the quality & quantity of our public transportiation like Singapore, soon please..).

There's a lot of choices like Bekasi, Cibubur, Tangerang, BSD, etc.. We didn't do a lot of research honestly, but I think Depok is the best place to stay compare to other suburbs, because:
- It's located near Jakarta & Bogor
- The air & water is still fresh and clean. It's a good point if I have a child one day (Amen).
- There's a lot of cheap, delicious food, since lots of University of Indonesia's student live there.. Haha..
- The city is quite small but has many good facilities which are near each other.
- The most important point, houses prices there are still affordable with our budget ^^

Maybe I will live there in a long time so I have to make my self comfortable with the city's situation, including traffic and neverending distance!! Haha..

So.. Like it or not, I have to reduce my blogging routine. I only have time on weekend for blogging now. I hope you understand.. ^^ But I will try to make multiple posts and save it as drafts so I can post it on weekdays. I also want to thank you for keep visiting my blog.. For beauty brands and sponsors, thank you so much for keep sending me your products or event invitation. Sorry if I haven't post the review or can't attend your event. I promise to post the review, but please understand my tight schedule.. =D Thank you so much for your kindness and patience..

Lots of love,

See ya!


pherdita said...

Congrats! :)
Yes it is, the price of the houses in Jakarta is too damn high! Doesn't make any sense at all, but well.. That's Jakarta.

Hoping to buy mine soon >_< *fingers crossed*

Unknown said...

congratulation kak :) Hihihi...

Vani Sagita said...

whoaa.. Congcratzs, Ryn!!

Pendapatnya sama bangettt.. Gila rumah di jakarta mehi-mehi banget. Mana lingkungan tempat tinggalnya juga gak kondusif. Macet kemana-mana, polusinya apalagi! Gue kalo udah nikah juga rencananya mau nyari di pinggiran kota aja sekitaran tangerang. Hahahaha *curcol*

Unknown said...

pherdita> Thanks dear.. Yup you should buy it soon, becoz the price will get higher and higher in the future, trust me. XD

Sabrina> Thank you dear.. ^^

Vani> Iyaaa... sedih juga kadang liat keadaan Jakarta tapi ga bisa ikut berbuat banyak. Moga2 bisa lebih kondusif suatu hari nanti. Yaaay!! Viva suburban! XD

Dewie Aprillia said...

yeayy..congrats sayy..
ikut seneng uda pnya rumah sndiri, and moga cpete dpt momongan yah,.amen! :D

Mukti Lim said...

hihiihi congrats carryn hahaha... sama2 suburban lady nih :D

Unknown said...

Carryn, slamat ya ud pindah ke rumah baru dgn uang sndiri yeay :D
iy harga rumah d Jakarta skarang kebangetan mahalnya T.T
tp klo tinggal d luar kota, energi habis d jalan.. bingung jg ntar klo mau beli rumah bakal beli d mana XD

nisa said...

Carryyynnn selamat yaa....Haa skrng lo ngerasain jd gw....rumah jauh jadi susah bgt bwt ngeblog. Sabtu-Minggu udh tepar ato ada acara keluarga. Iya mending dibikin draft aja :)

Unknown said...

Dewie> Amiiin.. thanks a lot dear!! ^^

Mrs. Mui> Hihi.. yaap!! Toss!!

Rini> Thanks Riiin!! Iya.. harus bener2 menguras penghasilan XD Tapi pasti bisa beli koo!! ^^

nisa> Iya nisss... haha.. Kalo ada event2 kita pulang bareng yaa.. =D

Istiarina Putri said...

Selamat rumah barunya kak Carryn! :D :D :D

Unknown said...

Thanks Tia..!! ^^

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