Sunday, August 4, 2013

Anna Sui Visit to Indonesia, Autumn 2013

Hi all!

I was invited to Anna Sui Autumn 2013 Cosmetics launched and 15th Anniversary Anna Sui Cosmetics event few weeks ago. At first I thought it was just an ordinary event, until Carnellin told me, Anna Sui would appear on this event too! I couldn't believe it! She would visit Jakarta, Indonesia! But it was true!! I was super excited... The real Anna Sui!! OMG!! *euphoriceffect

The invitation was valid for two persons, so I brang my friend who's also a blogger, Alia Heliyanthi, to this event. Dear everyone, you have to know how frustrated we were on the way to J.W. Marriot that day! It was Friday afternoon + Ramadhan + Mampang Prapatan = Never ending traffic!! OMG! I was a little worried that we will miss the event. Thank god, finally we could reached J.W. Marriot after 2 hours stuck in Jakarta traffic!! Huff.. There were many people in the area, including my blogger friends: Carnellin, Nisa, Ichil, Hanna, Mada and Lulu!! Gosh, finally I could meet her ^^ I know that she loves Anna Sui so much. So glad to meet you Lulu!

Soon after we entered the room, Anna Sui appeared on stage! She was wearing an embroidered white top, black pants and a pair of simple wedges :'D My headache suddenly disappeared. I focus on taking her pictures. 
It was the first time she visited Jakarta. She said that she really want to go shopping at Jalan Surabaya. I wasn't surprised since she loves everything vintage, just like me! Hehe.. But she prefers vintage styles with feminine, gothic and rock n roll touches which is reflected in each of her works.

She also explained about her inspiration in creating her works. Especially the Rose Ring Rouge, which was inspired by a ring that her mother gave her. She wears it everyday and think it is her good luck charm. Anna Sui Autumn 2013 Collection also consists of Anna Sui Limited Miniature Box and Anna Sui Foundation Kit. They also launched Anna Sui Lipstick and the latest fragrance, Anna Sui La Vie De Boheme Eau De Toilette.
The show followed by Anna Sui Autumn 2013 Collection fashion show. Four models with four different outfits appeared on stage. These collections look edgy, chic and rock n roll in femninie way.
These two outfits are my favorite..
Before the fashion show ended, a male model appeared and gave an Anna Sui Rose Ring Rouge to one of the ladies.
Beauty bloggers with Anna... ^^
Some random pictures...
Anna Sui Cosmetics Autumn 2013 display, gorgeous as always!
Left: Full shades of Anna Sui Rose Ring Rouge with lots of roses.. Right: Anna Sui Limited Miniature Box (Top), a bunch of Anna Sui Lipstick (bottom), so pretty!! ^^
Few shades of Anna Sui Rose Ring Rouge..
My "Can I bring it all home please?" pose. LOL
The models and I. Suddenly I felt like a minion..
Took a picture one more time with Anna..
Everybody got a goodie bag, here is the content.. *I'm going to review the products in separate posts.
I got an Anna Sui Rose Ring Rouge too!! Yaaaay!! ^^
Thank you so much Anna Sui team for inviting me to this event! Thank you so much Anna Sui for visiting Jakarta!! ^^

See ya!!


dina chen~ said...

beruntungnya cece, ah aku selalu mikir bisa kayak ce carryn, punya wajah cantik dan famous beauty blogger >.<
eh itu yang baju merah ce lulu ya?? mukanya comel banget

Unknown said...

cheni> work hard play hard dear.. hihi.. yup itu lulu, she's so nice and cute! ^^

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