Friday, August 23, 2013

D'EYEKO Basic Style Series

Hi all!

As you know, I'm an eyeliner junkie. Beside eyeliner, I also love false lashes. I have a storage box contains lots of false lashes, from cheap to unique ones. So, I was so excited when D'EYEKO Premium Lashes send me again their collection..
They are the Basic Style series which consists of 3 different styles : Natural Volume, Lengthening and Superfull. Each of them has 3 types. I received one type from each styles, here it is..
As usual, D'EYEKO false lashes always come with a glue.
Here are the details...
D'EYEKO Premium False Lashes are made of real hair which has been sterilized until light and fluffy. They're also handmade! Each style gives different effect on our eyes. Take a look at my pictures below to see the difference..
What I love
- They are very light!
- The glue sticks well
- I don't need to cut it because the length fits my eyes
- The band is very thin and flexible, make it easy to apply
- It can be used several times
- Save for softlense user (very comfortable for daily use, especialy the natural volume style)
- Affordable

- The case is not travel friendly because it is attached in the pack, which is quite bulky. So, we have to put it on eyelash case for travel.

I made 3 looks for each lashes.. Maybe it could be your inspiration XD
I love all of them! I always love D'EYEKO false lashes because of their quality. I also can find it easily at the drugstore =D The effect looks good on my eyes.

Have you ever try these lashes? What do you think? Which one do you love the most?

See ya!!


dina chen~ said...

sepintas, cece mirip sama ce stella
suara nya juga mirip2, kalau aku dengerin di youtube ^^
eyelashes nya bagus ce

Unknown said...

Suka deh lihat bagian mata ci carryn..
Eyelinernya rapi.. Bulmatsunya jugaa rapii :3

Anonymous said...

Wow, these are all fantastic! My lashes are so lazy, I'm badly in need of falsies ^_^

Turis Cantik said...


Ehara Poetry said...

duh,,matanya cantik bgt <3 aku paling suka sm yg lengthening series, yg bikin aku makin suka sm falsie merk ini tuch lemnya,,xixixi lemnnya enak dipakai :-D

Unknown said...

cheniwenci> Haha.. muka saya pasaran kalo gitu ya LOL Yup, D'EYEKO emang bagus IMHO

Erna> Hihi.. practice makes perfect dear.. ^^

manchesterflickchick> You should try these lashes, I don't know if it is available in your country or not..> Thanks dear... ^^

Ehara> iyaaa.. lemnya juga bagus, rekat bgt & cepet kering ^^

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