Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Dress Up Like Carryn: Lana Purple Flat from ATISH

Hi all!!

It's a long time I didn't write anything related to my style because I had to reduce my fashion shopping list. Yeah, I have to save money for my house thingy, there are many things to buy.

Suddenly, a friend of mine gave me a pair of these lovely flat shoes! What a coincidence, I was expecting a pair of comfy shoes for everyday use. Here it is... We can call it Lana:
It has a shiny woven fabric-like texture to it, if you look closely.
There's a vertical line accent on the back side..
As a local product, these shoes are very well-made! Look at the detail.. So neat, isn't it? I also love the beige soles. It doesn't smell like glue fyi.. Hehe..
And the most important thing is.. it's very comfortable!! Some footwear (either cheap or expensive) make my feet hurt the first time I use them, but these ones don't. It is great for everyday use, especially in the summer. I like combining it with my floral dress.
I suggest you not to wear it on rainy days. Although I'm sure these shoes are strong enough, you will be bothered cleaning it.

Lana has 3 different colors and textures. You can prefer the one that match your character or just grab 3 of them, so you can mix and match it with your outfit of the day ^^

Price: IDR 279,000/pair
Quite reasonable for a pair of good quality shoes! 

You can get these shoes on:

+62817 0048789
instagram: weareatish
twitter: weareatish
The Goods Dept. - Jakarta, Indonesia
Pop Shop - Bandung, Indonesia

G O O D   N E W S !
You'll get 10% discount
for every purchase
if you mention this code:
Happy shopping!! =)

Let's support our local brand! =D

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