Saturday, August 24, 2013

Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick

Hi all..

I received a package from Maybelline again! This time they sent me their latest lip color, Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick plus a makeup bag. Thank you so much!! ^^ Here they are..
The packaging design is simple. Each of lipstick cap color & texture similar to the contents (glossy for the shimmery ones, matte for the matte ones).
Here are the shades: (left to right) #425 Plum Paradise, #215 Totally Toffee, #035 Pink Peony, #MAT6
More clear image of the shades with & without flash:
The texture is very moist and smooth because it contains honey nectars (the shimmery ones). Even the matte lipstick texture is smooth too because it contains mattifying milk. It doesn't make my lips dry easily, even without lip balm, love it!  #425, #215 and #035 have shimmery effect, Mat6 doesn't. Take a look at the swatches on my skin, with & without flash:
The swatches on my lips
What I love
- The lipstick cap color makes us so easy to choose the shade
- The texture is very moist!! I don't need lip balm except if my lips are very dry and chappy
- Vibrant! I just need 1-2 swipes in every application
- It has many shades:
I think the shade range is quite complete.
- Nice for everyday look.
- The smell is tolerable.

- It has an ordinary staying power, just like another ordinary lipstick. It will disappear if we eat or drink. I don't mind to re-apply it because I love the texture ^^

I don't know the exact price, if you know please tell me.. ;D

Each shade of Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick will create a different aura in our appearance. It could be one of our fashion signature, just like I did. I made 4 different looks using those lipsticks. Actually I only change my lipstick and hairstyle, but it does make a big difference! Take a look at the results... ;D
You can easily guess which shade that I use for each look, right!? My favorite shade is 215 & Mat6! =D

Overall I love these lipsticks! I think the price is quite affordable too, so we can collect a lot of shades for everyday use. Mix & match the shades with the outfit that we will use today. Trust me, it's very fun! ^^

See ya!


Gogo-Jenny OurBeautyWonderland said...

Lovely post! We're so jealous! Join our blog too if you like -->

Dine Aisah said...

aaahk... kak carryn.. warna purpelnya pingin.. belum punya aku.. said...

cakep-cakep ya warnanya ;)

carryn said...

Gogo-Jenny> Thank you for visiting my blog =)

Dine Aisah> Hihi.. ayoo dicoba.. =D

turiscantik> Iya.. teksturnya juga lembut banget di bibir, harus coba! ^^

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