Friday, August 30, 2013

Unboxing Lola Box August 2013

Hi all!!

In the end of this August, I proudly present to you Lola Box August 2013!! Here it is..
It is RED with white Lola logo in the middle, like the color of our national flag. I love red!

What's inside it?
As usual, there's a greeting card. The theme is Be Bold & Brave in Your Heart. We can also write the meaning of being Brave & Bold there and post it on Instagram or Twitter using #lolabebold.
I haven't write it there so I will write it in here..

For me, being Brave & Bold means:
"Express ourselves in our own way, no matter what others say."
What does it means for you?

Anyway, here is the back side.. Detail information about the products and the prices.
These couple is very cute!! I really love them among other items..
Do you want to know more about it? Watch my video.. Don't forget to change the quality to 360 =D
Visit their website for more information and if you want to subscribe the box:

See ya!! ^^

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