Monday, September 2, 2013

Anna Sui Rose Ring Rouge & Lipstick

Hi all!!

First, you have to read this post, xoxo.. As I promise you, this time I want to share my review of products that I got: Anna Sui Rose Ring Rouge & Anna Sui Lipstick. Here they are..
Like the other Anna Sui products, it comes in a black box printed with Anna Sui signature pattern; butterfly or roses illustration.
 The packaging design is also black with Anna Sui signature style: vintage-gothic.
Both of them are Anna Sui Autumn 2013 Collection. Beside these items, there are also Foundation Kit and Miniature Box in this Autumn 2013 Collection..
Anna Sui Lipstick
- Bright, vivid colors available in variety of shades
- 2 different bases with smoothest texture (Vivid base & Dazzle base)
- Gorgeous packaging reminiscent of a vase

Beauty Ingredients
- Rosa Canina Fruit Extract for moisturizing effect
- Rosa Canina Fruit Oil, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba), Seed Oil for emollient effect
What is the difference between 2 bases?
Vivid Base
- Bold-Bright-Vivid Color
- Meltingly rich texture fits onto lips like a glove (so true!!)
- Long-lasting moisturizing finish
Dazzle Base
- As bright and shiny as can be
- Silky-smooth texture, comfortable application
- Long-lasting moiturizing finish

IDR 300,000 

This Anna Sui lipstick has 17 shades Vivid Base and 5 shades Dazzle Base, mine is Anna Sui Lipstick #301 (Vivid Base). The texture is very smooth!! It moisturizes my dry lips and smells so good like a rose, makes me happy everytime I apply it! ^^ This is a long lasting lipstick worth every rupiah. I still can see the texture and the color on my lips after lunch, although I need to re-apply it to moisten my lips. In 1-2 swipe, the color looks vibrant. This coral-pink shade can be used for a girly romantic daily look. The packaging make it stands out on my make up storage! ^^

Anna Sui Rose Ring Rouge
I really love this product! It's so cute, travel friendlyand multifunction, Yeah! Just put it on our finger as a good luck charm so we can apply the gloss anytime, anywhere!
- Beautifully designed like a luxurious, antique piece of jewelry
- Pearls shine brilliantly through a vividly clear base
- Long-lasting shine & hydration
Beauty Ingredients
- Rosa Canina Fruit Extract for moisturizing effect
- Rosa Canina Fruit Oil, Honey (Miel) for emollient effect

IDR 323,000/1g

This Anna Sui Rose Ring Rouge has 8 shades, mine is #400 Anna Red, Anna Sui's favorite shade! ^^
The color is sheer because it's lipgloss. We should apply few layers to make it more vibrant. The texture is soft and glossy but not sticky. Make sure your finger is clean everytime apply it to your lips! ^^

The ring packaging is brilliant! Every ladies will love it I'm sure!! ^^ It can still be collected after it's empty.

I thought this shade will make my lips become red like in their promotional picture, actually it makes my lips look fresh in a natural way. Nice for daily use! ^^
I also like to use them both together, start with applying Anna Sui Rose Ring Rouge on my entire lips, then add 2 layers of Anna Sui Lipstick on it. My lips become moist, soft and shine beautifully like this:
Overall, I love them both! These lip colors don't make my lips dry. They become my current favorite lip color, worth to try!

I hope this review helps. Just wait for the next review: Anna Sui La Vie De Boheme, in this blog ;D

See ya!!


Grace Soputra said...

Cantik cantik, ayu tenan warna e ci(º̩̩́Дº̩̩̀)
Cm harga nya omg -..-
Nice review :*

nisa said...

Carryyynnn cantiiikkknyaaa hhiihii ^^
wah lo dapet warna pink yaaa??? bagus deh

carryn said...

Grace> Thank you dear... ^^

nisa> Ahahah.. iyaa nis... Bagus ni pinknya!! ^^

cheniwenci ♥ said...

ah warnanya cantik banget ce, pink nya menggoda banget, tapi yang merah ga kalah menggoda, designnya juga elegant >.<
tapi harganya nguras kantong banget ce, maklum anak kuliahan ;^;

carryn said...

cheniwenci> iya.. ini packagingnya bikin tambah menarik memang ^^

Sakuranko said...

Oh really cute color of lipstick!
I want invite you to Join to my Firmoo Giveaway for win 1 pair of Glasses or Sunglasses. You choose the model!

Melissa Widjaja said...

I always love anna sui packaging =3 they always look so cute and adorable <3
hope seeing you new post soon.
by the way I'm your new follower

Anatasia Kamelia said...

I love the ring rouge too.
The La Vie De Boheme.... gosh... they have AMAZINGGGG bottle ever. Wait for your review on that <3

carryn said...

Melissa> Thank you so much for visiting dear..

Anastasia> Yupp!! I'll post the review next week =D

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