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Guergi Cover Foundation SPF 30

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Anyone miss me? LOL Sorry for the long update.. I'm very busy with my personal life, hehe..

Btw, today I'm going to share about a foundation from Europe, Guergi Cover Foundation SPF 30. I received a full size tube (30g), a sample size tube (3g) and a sponge.
- Anti-aging effect (with Vitamin E and Coenzyme Q10)
- Sun protection (with SPF 30)
- Hypoallergenic (it reduced amount of perfume and using inorganic UV filter, titanium dioxide)
  and Dermatologically tested.
- Waterproof
- Brightening effect

Unlike the usual foundation, Guergi is filled into an aluminium tube with a plastic lid.
Aluminium tube has multi advantages:
- Product protection. One of the excellent properties of aluminium is steadiness. After use, the air isn't pulled back into tube, likewise plastic one. This guarantees that the product's composition is not negatively modified by the presence of air.
- Quality assurance. An aluminium tube also gives the feeling of premium product. Majority of cover foundations are filled in plastic tubes whereas Guergi offers a convenient type of packaging.
- Feeling of professional skincare. Aluminium tubes are used mainly in pharmaceutical products. Therefore we can associate these tubes with the feeling of a professional skincare products.

How to open the aluminium seal:
1. Open the plastic lid which has a sharp edge in the middle
2. Turn it down, press to the seal
3. Voila! You can see the product out and ready to use.
Titanium Dioxide, Paraffinum Liquidum, Paraffin, Microcristallina Cera, Alumina, Glyceryl Stearate, Petrolatum, Silica Silylate, Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E), Ubiquinone (Coenzyme Q10), Phenethyl Alcohol, Parfum, CI 77492, CI 77491, CI 77499.

How to use it
1. Treat skin with a normal daytime hydrating cream (moisturizer) before applying.
2. Apply the foundation onto face, ears and neck. Only a small amount is needed because the product is so concentrated.
3. Smooth it with fingers, a sponge or makeup brush moving from the centre of the face towards the edges. with sponge. I usually use a blending sponge like in picture below. 
4. Finally, fix it with transparent powder.
The texture is very creamy. One layer gives medium coverage, and additional layers build up to full coverage. Here is the before-after picture with & without flash (one layer):
After I add one more layer on my blemishes and fixed it with loose powder (with flash):
I didn't edit the pictures at all (and it taken with my mobile phone camera). The shade is too bright on me at the first time. I was shocked because I look like geisha XD That's why I will put just a little amount of it next time. But a few hours later it blends with my skin tone.

The staying power is quite good. It lasts for about 7 total hours after that its gone. These are the pictures that I took on the next day to test its durability:
What I love
- Good coverage. It covers my blemishes, veins, redness, and dark circles.
- Aluminium tube protects the product quality.
- It brightens my skin and and even out the color.
- It can also be used to cover the scars and the burned skin on hands and feet.
- The staying power is quite good.
- It doesn't clog my pores.

- White cast. We know that anything with titanium dioxide and zinc oxide leaves a white cast. ^^
- The shade is too bright on my skin. It will look better on the person with bright skin tone.
- It makes my skin dry at the beginning and oily at the end of the day. Confuse eh? But yes it is. I need to put the riqht moisturizer and even primer to prepare my skin and control the oil.
- A little hard to blend. we need a fair amount of time to blend it well.
- Not sweat-proof.

I'm not too impressed with this foundation, especially because it's too bright on me. Maybe if there's another shade that fits my skin tone I'll change my mind. But I love its aluminium tube and how it covers my blemishes well.

Guergi Cover Foundation SPF 30 will available on drugstore soon. I don't know the exact price, I'll update later. You can give it a try, especially if you have a bright skin tone and normal skin type ^^.

Get more information about this product on:
Twitter: @Guergi ID
Instagram: GUERGI_ID

Hope this review helps..

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Metta Dewi said...

Hi sist.. such an interesting and helpful information!! anyway, i got an sensitive face and red dotes :( i think i would like to try Guergi.. how can i buy this products?? Thank's! :D

carryn said...

Hi Metta, you could buy it online via this website -> ^^

Petra Surmová said...

Amazing post, I work in Guergi company like Social Media Manager and I want share your post and photos on Guergi facebook page and instagram.
Can I ? Good work...

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