Sunday, September 15, 2013

La Vie De Boheme by Anna Sui

Hi all!!

As I promise you, this is my review of the latest Anna Sui fragrance, La Vie De Boheme. Like the previous Anna Sui fragrances, this one also comes in a very beautiful-uber cute box and bottle!! It inspires me to make this look.. haha..
I feel like a butterfly fairy in a magical and mysterious world. Anyway here is their official visual:
"La Vie de Boheme is a dynamic lifestyle, even though having an unchanging essence. She is a bold, romantic and artistic lady. She is a truly modern woman although she used to wear full printed long dress, boots and floppy hat. Each generation has its own characteristics, their style creates a unique expression". - Anna Sui

LA VIE DE BOHÈME by Anna Sui – Your life. Your passion. Your way.

As you can see, the lady on the visual, Thairine Garcia, is lying in a flower field. That's exactly what I feel every time I spray it to my body; beautiful, free and happy all the time! ^^

The Box
Inspired by Anna Sui's signature textures and patterns, the box has a brocade effect. Art Nouveau designs reflect on the life of French/European Bohemian in the late 20th century which is characterized by creativity, freedom and unique beauty. The main color is shiny dark purple, like satin. Butterflies and red roses give energy to the design, inspired from Anna Sui color palette and Bohemian art. Protector is made of antique gold color, giving a soft and beautiful impression.
The Bottle
Carved with roses motif around it, the bottle has a matte lavender color, gives an elegant impression. The cap is coated with antique gold color. There is Anna Sui logo on one side, and La Vie de Boheme on the other side. The cap is topped with a flower that attract a butterfly, a symbol of freedom, even just for a day. It reminds us to live life and dreams to the fullest. This beautiful bottle can be collected even if it is empty.
The Fragrance
Inspired by the energy and creativity of La Vie de Boheme, the fragrance begins with Turkish Rose and Sparkling Pear, combined with burgundy berries and Dragonfruit flavor. After a while, we will feel something surprising and different, a feminine feeling from a pink flower. We can also get a happy feeling from Peony flower which symbolizes luck, feminine beauty and friendship.

Floral fragrance combined with woody blends, such as sheer musks, vanilla and black sandalwood, gives this EDT a nice but a bit mysterious impression. These fragrances are Boho girl's favorite. Friendship is very important to her, freedom resonates in the fragrance and magic is in the air!
The Price
La Vie De Boheme 75ml Eau de Toilette - IDR 887,000
La Vie De Boheme 50ml Eau de Toilette - IDR 690,000
La Vie De Boheme 30ml Eau de Toilette - IDR 505,000
Overall, I really love this fragrance! So sweet and lovely, nice for daily use. Like the other Eau de Toilette, La Vie De Boheme lasting up to 5-6 hours. Spray it on both wrists, behind the ears, neck and other parts that you like, feel the difference in your day.. =D

I hope this review helps..

See ya!


Sha Aullia said...

Kak Carryn! You're so pretty by the way...daaan sukses bikiin pengen ciuuum wanginya...aaaaa...desainnya juga pretty bgt perfumenyaaaa <3

♥ Tanachi ♥ said...

I love your pictures, you look gorgeous! And the flakon/bottle is a dream! <3

Unknown said...

ada d counternya ya? pengen nyoba nyium, botolnya cantik bgt soalnyaaaa *.*
carryn cantik as usual dehhh :3

Unknown said...

Sha Aullia> Thank you dear.. ^^ Ayoo ayoo dicoba..

Natalie> Thank you dear!! ^^

Rini> Ada banget Rin, iya ini botolnya lucu banget, wanginya juga enak, ayo dicoba.. hehe.. =D

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