Friday, September 6, 2013

Unboxing First Blush Box August 2013

Hi all!!

I'm sure, you have noticed about this box lately because many bloggers have written about it on their blog. Yup, First Blush Box! The latest Indonesian Beauty Box. This box is unique because of its unusual shape, here it is..
The detail..
Let's take a look inside it! This first First Blush Box is August 2013 edition.Tadaa!! Complete Box contents..The greeting card..Product information sheets..Anyway, at first they sent me the wrong products (OPI Mini Nail Polish), but they sent me again the real ones. What a fast and good service! =D
Watch my video for more details.. (bit noisy, sorry.. ^^)
Overall I love this box! But they should be more careful when choosing the product that will be inserted into the box next time. It would be better if they also write the full size product prices in the product information sheet. ^^ I'm pretty sure they will be better and better in the future!

Visit their website for more information and to subscribe: Looks like you've been able to book First Blush Box September 2013.. go grab it fast! 

Hope it helps..

See ya!


Ehara Poetry said...

Oh, aku baru tau ada beauty box ini, baru ya? Boxnya lucuuuuuu <3
tapi jd gak bs dipakai ulang kayak box lainnya yach? tapi isinya beda sm beauty box lainnya,,jd mupeng >_<

Cella said...

warnanya opi nya lucuu. Jadi pengeenn~~ Nama shadenya apa ya kak?

Unknown said...

Ehara> Iyaa.. produk2nya ga biasa ^^

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