Wednesday, September 18, 2013

What You Think is What You Get

Hi all..

This time I will not talk about fashion or beauty thingy.. I just wanted to share my personal thoughts based on personal experience, hehe..

If you follow my twitter, you surely already know that my camera was broken a few days ago.
Yeah, my pinkcan, my one-and-only digital camera that I bought with my own money, that I use for blogging, vlogging, etc.. It was broken because of my carelessness..

I was taking some photos for my last blogpost. I didn't wear my toric softlenses. I also forgot to attached a tiny strap on my camera to my wrist. Blitz.. blitz.. I took my pics with my camera on right hand several times.. as you know, I always take AS MANY PICTURES AS POSSIBLE for stock. Then..






My camera fell to the floor after crashing my husband's guitar which leaned on the wall next to me.


At first I thought it would be okay like usual. Until.. it couldn't be turned on! The lens couldn't open properly.

I picked it up quickly and tried to figure out what's wrong with it.. I rotated the dented metal circle in front of the lens.. then it is dislodged off..

The camera became more error.

I was shocked. Many things popped into my head:

"How I could take pictures for my blog again?"

"Why is this happening to me?"

"Why am I so stupid!?"

"No camera = no pictures = no more blogposts!"

"Why these pimples keep showing up on my face?" -_-

"If only I didn't take my pictures today"

"If only.. if only.. if only.."

Etc.. etc..

And I impulsively posted a status about it on path..

My husband tried to help me fix it, but it did not work. Camera is very complicated, unlike puzzle or watch. Need somebody who has a special skill to handle it.

I cried.. I couldn't buy the new one soon because I have to use my money for my domestic thingy.

I was so sad, angry and disappointed. And the worst thing, I started blaming god too. -_-

I couldn't sleep well that night. My husband tried to cheer me up but I keep sad. What a childish wife.

It didn't stop there.. the next day, I wanted to write my last blogpost. I usually use a USB modem which automatically detected in my laptop. But at that time, nothing happened. The mobile driver didn't show up like usual. I plugged and unplugged the USB modem several times, nothing happened. My husband tried to plug it on his notebook, still nothing happened.




My USB Modem is boken too!!!! Right after my camera.. What's wrong with you guys?? What's wrong with me?

Okay nuff said..

My bad luck didn't stop there. The next day.. and the day after.. I got some bad experiences again.. I don't want to write it here because it will make me angry again.

I kept blaming my self and god. I was also upset to my husband. LOL

Until I felt tired.. super tired. I should stop it as soon as possible.

Thank god has sent me a man who became my husband. He keeps telling me to be patient and accept everything that has happened to me. He also keeps asking me to pray to god, and take the positive lessons from it all..

He also told me to read this book:
Quantum Ikhlas by Erbe Sentanu.

Hehe.. actually it began with two of us watching "Law of Attraction" video on youtube two or three months ago. The next day, I told about that video to my office mate. It reminded her to a book that she ever read before which come with an audio cd. She told me the title of it, Quantum Ikhlas. I told it to my husband then he bought it for me. Haha.. What a long journey!

Honestly, I don't like the cover. Yeah, I judge the book by its cover bcox I'm a very visual person. I struggle to read it.. (still unfinished until now). Actually the content is very good and clear. But I'm not impressed with the illustrations, and there's no image. Doh.. why I can not stop complaining btw? *slapmyself


Reading that book makes ​​me think about why those bad things happened to me. The answer is.. because of my bad thoughts. I was so upset the first time I got the bad thing. It made my mind filled with negative thoughts which created negative energy. Negative energy attracted more negative energy into me. It made negative things keep happened to me. Such as magnet! Poor me, I didn't realise it. I'm sure some of you have experienced the same thing, aren't you?

YEAASHH!! Hoho..

If that's your answer, I have a good news for you. You can change it easily! Just do the opposite way. Yeah, just think and feel in a positive way! Remember, it's such a magnet. What we think is what we get.. It makes sense, doesn't it? So, focus on positive things!!

As the most perfect creature on earth created by god, we can do it.

We can't change the past but we can make our future, right?

I try to understand and apply it in daily life. I feel more peaceful and more grateful right now. At least I still have my phone camera (thanks a lot to technology!) and can use my husband's digital camera (although I have to buy the batteries) for blogging. ^^

Blah blah.. Some of you maybe think: "Proof it in your life first lah!" Yeah, I still don't have the real proof right now. But I'm sure it will work well, soon! I'm patiently waiting for all the good things in my mind to be real with stay positive (both mind and feelings).

I share this in my blog because I often see bad things happen in this country lately. I just want to change it. Starting with invites all of you, my readers, a tiny part of Indonesian society, to be more positive and happy. I hope it will be contagious. Imagine we live happily in a happy country!? It's possible!

Thank you so much for reading this ^^

Keep positive!

"I couldn't get any bigger with anyone else beside of me
And now it's clear as this promise that we're making two reflections into one
'Cause it's like you're my mirror, my mirror staring back at me, staring back at me.."
Justin Timberlake - Mirrors
See ya!


Dewie Aprillia said...

hwaaa so sad banget carryn camera dan USB bs rusak bersamaan :( untung km pny suami yg sabar n pengertian yaa.. hahaha

Pinkbuble said...

Mari kita sebarkan vibe positive mulai dari diri kita..yuuk!

Unknown said...

Dewie> iyaaa ni belum dapet gantinya tu kamera... XD

Pinkbuble> Yaaay!! Yuuuk!!!

Unknown said...

skrg udh py camera baru belum? hahaha. Carryn, kocak banget ini critanya. btw, apa kbr?

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