Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Guinness Arthur's Day Jakarta 2013 (Club 8, One Republic, Mew)

Hi all!!

Last Saturday I went to this event with friends and husband. I only wanted to see my favorite band since MTV Asia Hitlist still airing on ANTV XD *old, MEW! It was the second time I see their live performance. I saw them before at the first Java Rocking Land in 2009. It was super awesome! The stage, the sound system, the visuals (which is created by Jonas, the vocalist. So hypnotising!), and of course the band! Especially the vocalist, Jonas Bjerre! Perfect, just perfect! Hehe.. On that day I promise my self to always be the first person who buy the ticket for every their live concert in Jakarta. Hahah.. 

Anyway.. here are some pictures and a video from that event..

Club 8. My husband's favorite band.
I love Karolina style that night, so simple and cute! I fall in love with that black mini dress she wore.
Our facial expressions while waiting for One Republic performance over XD
Nice opening from One Republic.. They play with shadows on the screen.
One Republic
I don't know many of their songs. Even, me and my husband couldn't stop saying "Oh.. ini lagunya One Republic ternyata!" Hahah.. Including the jingle of Canon 650D TVC we often hear (O_O") Aaand.. there is the lyrics on the screen! So we still can sing along lah although we don't know the song. Hahahah..
What a "grand" closing.. hehe..
Suddenly confetti flew into the crowd XD Look at my fake shocking face expression:
Finaly!!!! After waiting for hours.. This Danish experimental rock band played on the stage!! OMG OMG! *drama. I couldn't stop screamed hysterically LOL And the crowd started to sing along..
Pardon my blurry photos..
Jonas Bjerre.
I only snapped few pictures and video because I just wanted to enjoy the the show!

Encore: Comforting Sound + Confetti again! This time I was thrilled and really happy! Although there was no epic visual on the background as usual, and they didn't play my favorite song, Repeaterbeater, their performance were still amazing!
\(T_T)/ *burst into tears

Thank you so much Mew for coming to Jakarta again!! Can't wait to see your next album and live concert!


Ceecile ~Priscilla Clara~ ^^ said...

Keren! Ekspresi lu rin.. hehehe..

Unknown said...

Nyahah.. bloody fake gt ya gw XD

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