Friday, October 11, 2013

Innisfree Real Skin CC Cream SPF 30 PA++

Hi all!!

I'm sure all beauty lovers have often heard about CC Cream. Yeah, it showed up on the market after BB cream. I wonder if there will be a DD cream, EE cream etc? Or even those creams already exist? Haha..

Anyway.. to be honest I was never interested in giving CC cream a try because I 'm quite satisfied with BB Cream. Plus, I have a lot of new products to try in my storage box, so I decided to stop buying cosmetics unless I really need it XD. Then W2beauty sent me a CC Cream they love. W2beauty is a Korean online shop which sells a lot of Korean Beauty products. Yes, A LOT!

This is the product that I got, Innisfree Real Skin CC Cream SPF 30 PA++:
The box and the bottle design is so simple, clean and calm ^^. The box is made from recycled paper. The informations also quite clear in English and Korean, with simple icons.

Ingredients: Jeju Mineral Powder, Jeju Green Tea, Jeju Camellia, 4-Free System.
Product benefits: Color Change, Color Control, Moisture, Smooth Fit.
I really like cream products with pump, this is one of them. This matte textured bottle is quite comfortable to hold.
The product texture is very creamy. It has pinkish-white tone and mild scent. I need extra effort to blend it on my skin because of its thick texture. But I love the result, my skin becomes moist but not sticky. It reminds me of a face primer.
It has light coverage which doesn't cover my blemishes, redness and veins well.. So I still need to apply concealer, or even foundation. Bit it makes my face looks brighter. 
At first I was worried if it will make my face too white compared to my body skin. But this product blends quickly after I apply loose powder on it. Here is the final look with & without flash:
Surprisingly, it has an excelent staying power! My makeup stays on my face in almost 12 hours! Although I always wash my face before I pray. It has a good oil control also. Nice!

I'm quite satisfy with this product as a primer. Yeah, a primer. Because it doesn't cover my blemishes well, but it has a very good staying power and oil control. ^^ I prefer to put a layer of foundation (powder or liquid) after apply it on my face. But if you don't have any skin problem like me, you can use it directly, with or without powder. AND, this product succesfully makes ​​me curious about the other Innisfree products.. huhu..

If you want to try this Innisfree Real Skin CC Cream or the other Korean beauty products, you can find it in W2Beauty:
facebook: W2beauty
twitter: w2beauty

They provide over 10000 cosmetic products!! Free shipping and free sample!! ^^

These are the samples that I got from W2Beauty:
Hope this review helps ^^

See ya!!


Sakuranko said...

Oj looks like a really good product, I´ll be awaiting for a long time with this product on my wishlist, very helpful review. Now I´m following you in GFC.

I want invite you to Join to my MOOTTA Giveaway for win "Innisfree Masks + Anklet"

Deasy W said...

never tried innisfree coverage product before. seems nice :)

Dine Aisah said...

Pingin banget nyoba CC cream innisfree ini (T____T) ada nggak ya mba sampel nya?

Deedee Young said...

aku seneng baca blognya ka Carryna.. ngebantu banget, apalagi muka ku kan berjerawat juga, it's annoying, mau cari foundation, bb cream, cc cream itu jg ga bisa yg sembarangan.
thankyouu ka reviewnyaaa.. tp kyknya cc cream itu putih banget yah, aku takut pakenya, kayak kalo pake ntr mukanya jadi putih banget beda sama wrna leher dan badan gituu..

Fifi said...

Awesome review! I don't think ANY cc/bb cream will suit my dark skin now :( ever since I got back from traveling my skin has gotten even darker so bye bye pretty Korean products!

I would've really given this product a try if they had darker shades... oh well :(

Unknown said...

Sakuranko> Yup, it's worth to try dear ^^

Queen D> Yup, you should try it too.. ^^

Dine> Harusnya ada ya dear, coba kamu langsung kunjungin booth innisfree, siapa tau mereka punya sample-nya ^^

Deedee> Glad if you like it! ^^ Pas awal dipake emang putih, tapi lama2 ngeblend dear abis ditimpa bedak. Saya pake-nya bedak yang setingkat lebih gelap dari skin tone saya, jadi hasilnya ga terlalu cerah.

Fifi> Fifiiii!! I miss you!! Haha.. Actually my skin tone is not bright nor dark. I also often had difficulty in choosing the right shade of Korean cc/bb cream. So I use a darker powder to balance the shade and it works! ^^ Maybe you can try it too dear..

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