Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Kanebo Kate Lash Maximizer Fiber-In Mascara (EX-2 Glossy Black)

Hi all!

I use mascara almost everyday, because my lashes are so short and thin. This time I want to introduce you, a product which gives natural effect to my lashes; Kanebo Kate Lash Maximizer Fiber-In Mascara. Here it is:
Lash Maximizer basically is a mascara base, but we can use it as mascara as well. It comes in a plastick packaging. All informations are written in Japanese, I totally don't understand except "Made in Japan" words XD. The tube is in a simple black sleek design.
It has a curvy brush in average size which make it easy to apply. It can reach my inner lashes.
This mascara contains synthetic fibers that can lengthen my lashes. The color is not too bold, so it gives a natural effect to lashes.
 Here are the before-after pictures:
I wanna see if this mascara can curl my lashes without eyelash curler. Yes, it can! It doesn't clump (I used two coats of it on the pictures above), lasts a long time, sweatproof and waterproof though I wash my face with water several times to pray.

I'm very happy with this mascara! It's perfect for my daily makeup. I don't know the exact price since I got it from Kawaii Beauty Japan, but maybe I'll re-purchase if it runs out ^^

So ladies, I highly recommend this product if you like natural-looking daily makeup. I'm sure you'll love it too!

Hope this review helps.

See ya!


Unknown said...

You have that nice mascara. I also have short and thin eyelashes. I need something like that. ^_^ #giglove

Unknown said...

Yup, you should try it dear!! ^^

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