Wednesday, October 23, 2013

My Playlist - The 60's

Good morning all!

Just want to share songs that I like to listen lately. Obviously, I was born and live in the wrong era XD. Wish I could live in the 60's! OR, wish somebody will invent a real time machine soon lah. I would like to go back to Woodstock 1969, watching Grateful Dead playing China Cat Sunflower live on stage. Haha.. Anyway.. not all the songs on this list is an old song. I put songs with the feel of the 60's (my version of the 60's XD). Enjoy!


Unknown said...

ahh love it kak!!
jadi suka yang : i can see it in your eyes, when i'm with u, a white shade of pale, i could've been your girl, n i was made for you :D

Unknown said...

Hehe.. nice!!!

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