Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Skin LiFE Face Lotion and Foaming Face Wash

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This time I want to share my review about 2 Skin LiFE products; Skin LiFE Face Lotion and Skin LiFE Foaming Face Wash, both made in Japan. Skin LiFE is one of Cow Brand products specifically for treating acne. Sounds interesting, isn't it? I actually received this product about two months ago, but my skin was breaking out like crazy right before I try this product. I believe the cause is hormonal imbalance plus I was really lazy with my skin care routine. So I just tried this product since a month ago, when my skin started to improve.

COW Brand is a Japanese company that has been established for over a hundred years. The vision is to improve the quality of daily life; becomes better and comfortable. Inspired by COW Style special motto, "Life with Cow Brand Soap", Cow Brand comes to Indonesian families; easy to use Japanese products, safe and contains high-quality ingredients, has the aroma and texture of the original Japanese taste.

Skin LiFE Face Lotion and Foaming Face Wash

Both come in a plastic bottle with a simple and clean design. Red & white tone make it looks medical. All the words at the bottles are Japanese. Thank god there's a translation sticker in Bahasa on the back side.

Benefits of using Skin LiFE product range:
• Naturally remove dead skin cells
• Improve skin texture, making pores smaller and skin brighter
• Maintain skin's natural moisture
• Tighten the skin
• Reduce oil and blackheads

Moisturize + Firming + Soften Dead Skin

1. Skin LiFE Face Lotion 150ml
Basically it's like a toner. It is a light transparent liquid. This product absorbs very quickly to my skin. I really like the effect after using it, the skin feels moist, tight and fresh. It smells so good too! I can see my pores become smaller after one month of regular use.

2. Skin LiFE Facial Wash 200ml
I really love this foaming face wash! We don't need to shake it. The texture is very light and soft. It can remove oil and dirt from my skin quickly. It also claims to reduce acne scars and blemishes. Surprisingly, there's a significant improvement on my skin, acne scars and blemishes are fading, slowly but surely, and my face doesn't look dull anymore. I also love its large pump, so we just need 1 pump of foam in every usage. There's also a transparent plastic to hold the pump neck so the contents will not spill.
How to use it:
1. Splash water on our face with clean hands.
2. Put 1 pump of Skin LiFE Foaming Face Wash onto wet palm.
3. Apply it using gentle, circular motions. Spread all over the face gently specially if you have acne, scrubbing hard will make it worse.
4. Rinse with warm water and make sure the entire face is clean.
5. Gently dry well with a soft and clean towel.
6. Pour a small amount of Skin LiFE Face Lotion onto cotton and spread all over the face. (I'm using my palms).

After more than a month using these products, i can feel the difference on my skin. It becomes brighter and firmer. Although some pimples still appear before and during my period. Skin LiFE Foaming Face Wash can not remove make up, so I only use it as my morning face cleanser.

For more information, you can visit their:
Facebook Fan Page: COWSTYLEID
Twitter Account: @COWSTYLEID
Official Website: www.cow-style.co.id

Hope this review helps..

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ED Chronicles said...

oohhh..interesting product! how much was it?

Unknown said...

Hi dear, I don't know the exact price because I got it for free. I'll update this post if I already know the price. ^^

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