Monday, October 7, 2013

Vanilla-Orange Creamsicles

Hi all!!

I'm addicted to make popsicles lately after buying a popsicle mold on XD. This time I tried a recipe from my favorite blog, a beautiful mess; Vanilla-Orange Creamsicles. I instantly fell in love the first time I saw this recipe. I promise myself, I have to try it one day! Here it is..
- 5 Oranges (I used Australian orange because it's cheaper than Sunkist LOL. Flavorwise, there's not much difference between them lah.. XD)
- Orange Zest. I made it myself, just grate the outer peel of the oranges.
- Vanilla Ice Cream. I used Campina Vanilla Ice Cream, got it from my client, hehe..
- Whipped Cream (optional). I used Roselle Supreme.
Let's get it started!
1. Squeeze all oranges with orange squeezer
2. Strain it
3. You can grate the outer peel of the orange again if you want ^^
4. Pour orange juice into vanilla ice cream. Whisk until well blended.
5. Add orange zest, stir well.
6. Pour the batter into popsicle molds, leave the top 1/6 empty.
7. Add whipped cream on top of it.
8. Close the popsicle molds, add wood sticks. Freeze overnight.
Voila!! My first creamsicles!! Not bad eh? Although the whipped cream looks messy XD, it soaks into the batter I guess.. Next time I'd better use the liquid cream ^^ Btw, I also put the rest of batter into pudding molds.. ^^
It tastes so... good!!!! My husband loves it so much! Hoho..

Next time I'll use another fruit, mango.. strawberry.. durian! XD

See ya!

*Sorry for the bad quality photos, because most of it was taken with my phone camera.

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