Monday, November 25, 2013

Suzy Bishop Inspired Look & Tutorial

Hi all!!

Sorry for the lack of update. I'm busy taking care of my cat with her 5 kittens!! LOL.. I love them so much so I spend most of my time with them lately. I'll talk more about it later..

Anyway.. have you ever watch Moonrise Kingdom? I really love this movie! The story, the characters, the art direction, the wadrobes, etc.. Love it!! Yeah, of course one reason is.. it takes the theme of the 60's! ^^ Here is the trailer..

If you notice, there's a lovely girl in the movie, her name is Suzy Bishop.
I fall in love with Suzy's makeup and dress! It inspires me to make this look..
I really love how this simple blue eyeshadow makes my eyes pop! ^^
What do you think? Do I look like her? Haha..
Yes, I'm getting chubby! LOL.

What is your favorite movie? And who is your favorite character from that movie? 


Unknown said...

bagus kak makeup nya :D suka sama warna birunya hehe pretty! <3

maretakha said...

ka! keren. makasih udah gak pelit ilmu soal dandan-dandan ya. suka banget hihihi
aku udah follow ya kaaaa

Buleipotan said...

Suka cara ngedit Photo Tutorialnya, kayaknya capek dibikin tutorialnya yah?


Dewie Aprillia said...

bagus tutorialnya nih carryn , jelas >_<
hihi kamu cantikkk, lbh berkarakter dibanding suzy hehehe

Unknown said...

MItchellina> Thanks dear!! ^^

maretakha> You're welcome dear.. Thanks for visiting my blog =D

Rifka> bangeeet.. haha.. harus niat ini XD

Dewie> Aih bisa aja jeng, hehe.. thank you!!! ^^

Unknown said...

bagus banget make up-nya. Terpesona XD XD Waww

Unknown said...

Makasi yaaa tutorialnya.. Cakeeeep pisan..
Pliss folback blog aku ya say

Unknown said...

Aini Eve> Hihi.. thank you darling!!

Dian> Thanks for visiting my blog dear.. =D

CiKey Kim said...

eyeshadownyanya keren warnanya <3<3

Unknown said...

CiKey> You should try it dear!! ^^

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