Sunday, December 22, 2013

L'OCCITANE Provencal Holiday Party

Hi all!!
Last week I was invited to this L'OCCITANE Provencal Holiday Party at Mama Goose Restaurant & Bar. Before the party started, we can enjoy a hand massage and french braid. 
Left: My gradation hair looks good in braids, doesn't it? XD
Right: With the Fragrance Merchant and the lady who did my braid.
L'occitane team put holiday decorations at the place nicely. I can felt holiday spirit surrounded by L'occitane products! ^^ Yeah! Because you know what? We can customize L'occitane products for our holiday gifts, including the box and gift accessories! Here are the boxes and paper bag that you can choose:
Camho with Phanie & Endi ^^ They love my new camera! LOL
Left: With a beautiful mom-to-be, Putri Kansil.
Right: With the Fragrance Merchant again. Who is he? Fragrance Merchant is a real character or a nomadic magician.
In his travels, he captures scents that he then likes to share.
Now I will show you some pictures of L'occitane products. Maybe it can be your holiday gift idea?

Amande (Almond) Collections
Almond helps fight the appearance of cellulite and reshapes the silhouette.
Angelica Collections
Angelica is good for hydration and vitality.
Immortelle Collections
Immortelle is known as the everlasting flower: it never fades, even after it has been picked. This collection offers complete anti-aging solutions for the face.
L'occitane Volumizing Shampoo, Conditioner & Mist.
These hair products consist of 5 essential oils: artemesia, sweet orange, mint, pine and rosemary.
It brings nutrients to the hair and scalp, and are known for adding gloss.
Left: The Aromachologie Color Care
Help beautify and preserve the shine of colored hair or hair with highlights.
Right: Iris Angelica Sublime Beauty Cream SPF 30 (Light & Medium)
Achieve a perfect, flawless finish for your skin.
Immortelle Divine Cream Collections
The ultimate anti-aging day cream for complete rejuvenation.
Perfumed Shower Gel
This shower gel foams generously when applied with water, gently cleansing the skin.
There are still many other L'occitane products, including men's care, but the picture quality is bad (because the weather turned gloomy suddenly). You can check it on their website, k? ^^

Lunch time..
Mom-soon-to-be duo, Mei & Putri. They love my new camera too! XD
It's time for gift-wrapping contest! Each of us had to create a gift for a special person with a reason. The contents should be L'occitane products! Who doesn't want it!?? I want laah! You definitely want it too, right? Haha..

So I made a holiday gift for my little sister. I created this super big yellow bow and attach it on a small Loccitane paper bag. The contents are Serum, BB Cream, Vanilla Shower Gel and Almond Milk.
These are all the results..
I was the second winner of gift wrapping contest and Phanie won the twitter contest ^^
 With my fellow bloggers..
 Each of us got this Holiday Pouch and 3 Fleur D’Or & Acacia collections for travel:
Thank you so much Loccitane for inviting me!

So, if you want to buy holiday gifts for your loved ones, find it on then buy it at the nearest L'occitane counter! ^^ You can also check my instagram & twitter to see my L'occitane holiday gift idea, maybe it helps =D

Happy holiday everyone! See ya!


Dewie Aprillia said...

seru acaranya ^^
kamera carryn skrg apa? hihi penasaran juga :p

Unknown said...

You're gorgeous!! Happie new year!!! I've just followed you via GFC, looking forward to your next post love!

xoxo, Mango ❤
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Unknown said...

Dewie> Nanti dipost ya wie.. hihi

Mango Rabbit> Thank yoo so much for visiting my blog ^^

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