Sunday, December 8, 2013

My Hair Makeover Journey at One Piece Hair Studio

Hi all!!

I'm so excited when writing this post XD Warning! You'll see many pictures of my face in this post. Hope you don't mind! ^^ Of course you don't lah! Hahah..

If you follow my facebook and twitter you must have known that I got a hair makeover from One Piece Hair Studio, yeay! Kawaii Beauty Japan offered me this opportunity, thank you so much KBJ! Do you know that I'm one of the KBJ Stars? Hihi..

One Piece is an international hair studio from Japan. It was launched in Jakarta on 2010 by its International Director, Hisato Suzuki. He has over 17 years of experience as a hair stylist in Japan and Australia before becoming one of the top hairstylists in Singapore. One Piece Hair Studio offers the best service and technology to become the coolest hair studio in Indonesia!

One Piece Hair Studio has 4 Signature Services:
1. 3D Japan Cut. The hairstyles they created follow our head shape, so it will look good from any angles.
2. Carbonated Water System (CWS). They use it for hair washing. It can protect our hair from damage, prevent dandruff, clean the dirt residue on hair and scalp, Ph balance, moisturize and retain the elasticity of the hair.
3. LBI Supersonic.
4. Nano Steamer.

Okaaay... let's move to my experience! I came early because my house is so far away from One Piece Kelapa Gading XD When I arrived, Marsha already there. We took some pictures while waiting for other bloggers to come.
After everybody arrived, Rina, the Public Relation & Communication Superviser, started presenting about of One Piece Hair Studio. Then.. the bloggers could consulted with two Japanese hair stylists, Kyosuke and Mizuho, about what kind of hairstyle fit for us. I gave Alexa Chung picture as reference because I want her hair badly! But I don't want it to be too short.
This was my hair before makeover.. So messy wasn't it? XD
Camho with Tia from KBJ and Iva. It was the first time I met Iva in real life ^^
First, The hair dresser washed my hair with CWS. Then the hair stylist, Yanti, started to cut my hair. She's very detail. I can see lots of scissors and other tools on her waist bag. She said each scissors have different function. According to her, my hair is healthy (thanks a lot to Liquid Keratin! LOL). Each strand is very thin and smooth but I have so many hair strands.. Yeah, I have natural thick hair.

Next, the other hair dresser dried my hair with hair brushes and hair dryer. She also carried lots of hair brushes and combs on her waist bag. And oh! I really love her ombre hair! You can see it on the right picture:
Yanti continued to cut my dry hair. She said hair style looks very different in wet or dry condition. So One Piece hair stylists always cut it wet and dry to get a perfect haircut. She also gave textures to my hair.

Next step.. highlighting my hair ends. She used a method that I've never seen before (yea, because I've never highlight my hair before.. haha). Yanti "menyasak" my hair first, then added the color to the ends. Do I look like a Star Wars character or a ghost? LOL
The girls who sat next to me laughed out load when seeing my hair XD Here they are: Tia, Iva and Marsha.
Next.. I got my hair steamed for a few minutes. The steamer looks very hi-tech, doesn't it? It is the Nano Steamer! ^^ After my hair ends color appeared, the hair dresser rinsed it.
The view inside the studio on that day..
Tada... you can see the highlight looks so bright on the left picture:
Next! Yanti gave 3 more colors to my hair, from the roots to the ends. The shades are gradation from dark brown to light brown. After waiting for 30 minutes, she rinsed my hair again (the last one! haha..). Last, Yanti curled my hair with curling iron and combed it with her fingers for creating natural wave. I really love the result!!! ^^ Here are the pictures with & without flash..
Thank you thank you thank you so much One Piece! Btw, during the process, Yanti was supervised by a Japanese Hair Stylist, Kyosuke. I consulted my hair makeover with him before it started. Arigato gozaimashita!! ^^
This was me with Yamato-san from Kawaii Beauty Japan. Arigato gozaimashita!!!! ^^
With Tia from Kawaii Beauty Japan (she's a blogger too ^^) and Rina the PR. Thank you so much!!!
My new hair style usually doesn't last longer than 2 days after get it cut at the salon. XD Rina said One Piece Hair Studio is different because they always create the hairstyle which still look good even if we don't do anything to it. So I want to prove it. This was my hair on the next day after the make over. I didn't washed it. The curls were already gone so I curled it a little bit with my mini hair straightener. I still love it!!! ^^ 
Aaand... this is my hair at the present.. I've washed it several times. This time I don't do anything to my hair. Just leave it dry naturally and comb it with my fingers, haha.. I love messy hair!
One more pic..


The last one.. XD
I LOVE IT A LOT!!! Hohoho.. Hello, I'm Carryna Chung! XD What do you think btw?

And oh, anyway.. I also got a goodie bag from One Piece.
The contents.. including one of their products, Soda SPA Foam (I will make another blog post about it)
Look at these cute puzzle photo frames...


Last pics please.. Haha..
Do you have a plan to change your hair style? I definitely recommend this place! You can make the appointment first, so you don't have to waste your time waiting at the studio. Where is it?

One Piece Hair Studio Central Park
Sogo, Ground Floor

One Piece Hair Studio Kelapa Gading
Ruko Gading Park View
Jl. Raya Boulevard Timur Blok ZC Kav. No. 43
021 - 45860119/120
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Get 40% Discount OFF
only at One Piece Kelapa Gading
in this December
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Don't miss it guys!! ^^

For more information about One Piece Hair Studio, you can visit:
Twitter: @onepiece_id
YM: kg_onepiece

And don't forget to get lots of information about Japan from Kawaii Beauty Japan:
Twitter: @KawaiiBeautyJP

Thank you so much for reading this long post! Haha.. See ya! ;D


Diary Of A Product Junkie said...

Bagus, Car! Love, love, love~ ^_^

Unknown said...

AAAA... Thank you Phanie!!!! *hugs ^^

cay said...

Cantik ka ..
fotonya cantik2 jadi di maafkan lahh *LOL :P
paling suka wktu rambutnya di curly ..

Unknown said...

the hair looks good on you! i'm in the middle of blog hopping right now and i'm loving your blog <3 i also just started my beauty blog.. i hope it can be as good as yours Carryn hihi :)


Unknown said...

cay> Hihi.. thanks for reading dear!! ^^

Aninda> thank you.. ^^ keep blogging!

Unknown said...

Cakeepp bgt rambutnya Ryn...
salonnya gada yang deketan ya di Jaksel hehehe.

Donah @ SweetJellyBean said...

One of my best haircuts or styles was done by a guy who worked at this Japanese salon, I paid maybe $60 but it was more than worth it. My friend here in the US always tells me that if I want a good job for my hair, go to a Japanese salon and I gotta find out if they have that 3D cut you mentioned, that's so interesting! And you look absolutely gorgeous with this new hairstyle, very identical to Sistar Hyolyn ;) great job! X Donah

Unknown said...

Catra> Hihi.. thanks cat!! Iya.. gw juga berharap dia buka cabang di Jak Sel, jadi deket.. ^^

Donah> Yuup!! Japanese Hairstylists are awesome! We won't regret to pay a little bit expensive. Thank you so much for visiting my blog dear.. ^^

Marsha Karta Swardharma said...

ka caryn muka ku kayak kegampar cahaya yang pertama.
huaaa! jadinya keren banget ya ka. ombre ku jadinya engga begitu keliatan :") tapi tetep suka hahahhhhh

Unknown said...

XD Iyaa... Ini juga sama ga begitu keliatan coklat bagian atasnya, tapi tetep suka ^^

Unknown said...

Hy Carryn! Suka banget sama rambutnya dan apalagi make upnya! >< bocorin dong itu km pake foundie, bedak dan lips apa ><

Unknown said...

Wulan> Saya pake Estee Lauder yg double wear untuk foundation & powder (udah pernah saya review). Emang bagus banget itu dear, cocok nutup kulit saya yg ga mulus ^^ Lip color pake coasta scent lip palette yg warna fuchia ^^

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