Friday, December 13, 2013

Natura Lova - Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Hi all!!

Have you ever heard about VCO? Virgin Coconut Oil. Honestly, I didn't know much about it. I thought coconut oil is just the common coconut oil that we can find in supermarket, for cooking. Until Natura Lova sent me this product..
It comes in a large plastic jar (500 ml), covered with paper label.
The lid with simple design. Can you feel the "natural" feeling?
Why do they call their Coconut Oil as "Extra Virgin"?
Natura Lova's Premium Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is extracted from the first pressing of fresh coconut meat within 2 hours from opening. The coconut oil is then 100% cold-processed, starting from the separation of the meat from the shell, grating and filtering the coconut oil in a highly hygienic environment. The filtering process is done manually and takes 3 weeks to finally produce the purest extra virgin coconut oil.

What's the different between Natura Lova's Extra VCO and others?
Not all VCOs are the same. Natura Lova's Premium Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is produced from organically-grown coconut trees, with no fertilizers or pesticides, in rich volcanic soil on the slopes of the holy Mount Agung, Bali Indonesia. It only uses fresh coconuts, NOT dried copra, and is 100% using absolutely no heat or enzymes or any other chemicals. WOW! This process retains the great benefits of coconut oil, resulting in a very high percentage of Lauric Acid which helps boost the immune system. Another natural great source of Lauric Acid can only be found in Mother's milk. ^^

So, how does it look like?
Let me show you..
When we open the lid, there's an aluminium seal to keep it from spilling.

In a room temperature, it will look like a usual transparent liquid. It smells like a real coconut! Makes me hungry.. ^^

If we store it in refrigerator, it easily become solid like this:

It reminds me of white candle.. because the texture is almost the same ^^

VCO is usualy used for cooking and baking. But this one also can be mixed with drink, eaten directly, applied to skin as a natural tanning oil, massage oil and/or moisturizer, renewed energy, overall health, cholesterol reduction and weight loss.

I consume 2 tablespoons per day. Use a spoon to scoop the solid EVCO and eat it directly. The immediate effect is my digestive system functions so smoothly. Say goodbye to abdominal discomfort! ^^

And.. I also use it to clean my makeup! ^^ Yeah, it's so fast and easy!
1. Put some VCO on cotton pad.
2. I usualy start with eyes area. Put and press the cotton pad on eye lid. Rub gently until there's no makeup left. It can easily removes the waterproof eyeliner and mascara fyi..
3. Continue rubbing the cotton pad on entire face, lips, ears, and neck. 
4. Tada!! The makeup has gone! My face become cleans and moist.
I also use it for cooking. I add it to my cat food then she eats ravenously ^^.  My kittens usualy had eye problems; crusty and sometimes runny. But after I give EVCO routinely (rub it to their eyes and add it to they drink), their eyes become brighter and less watery! Lovely! !

My office mate who have consumed this product during her pregnancy said, EVCO helps to facilitate her in giving birth. So, dear moms to be.. get this product ASAP! ^^

Really love this multifunctional oil! It smells so good and affordable! 

Another good news is.. by purchasing Natura Lova's premium Extra VCO, we also help to support Indonesian local farmers and poor villagers in the mountains of east Bali who help make this great product! I always support the brand with a good cause like this! So why don't you support Natura Lova too? ^^

Where you can buy it?
Facebook: Natura Lova
Twitter: @naturalova

It's very hard to find the organic VCO product in our country these day. Thank you Natura Lova for your awesome product! A local brand with high ideals and standards.

Hope this review helps ^^ See ya!!


Ningrum said...

I love to use VCO for skin care too! It's a lovely multifunctional product, just like what you said. For me, it even cures acnes. But I never heard about this Naturalova EVCO. Thanks for telling us, Kak!


carryn said...

You're welcome dear.. ^^

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