Wednesday, January 15, 2014

D'EYEKO Adi Adrian Professional Make-Up Artist Lashes

Hi all!!

Today I'm going to share my review of the latest D'EYEKO eye lashes. Adi Adrian, an expert in world class glamourette touch. He has been know by years as the A list of make up artist in Asia. Together with D'EYEKO, he launched his professional lashes line.

The packaging is made of plastic with glamourous black & white design.
D'EYEKO Adi Adrian Lashes string consists of 8 individual lashes. It will stick perfectly, following the lid countour and look dramatically enchanting. It has 3 types, #01 medium thickness, #02 semi-full thickness, #03 extreme thickness. I get #01 & #02.
Bcause it is made by a pro and for a pro, it's a bit hard to apply than usual lashaes ^^. So, I made this tutorial video. Honestly, I'm not that good too in applying this individual lashes, but I hope this video helps =D
Remember to stick these lashes into your natural lashes, not your skin.

Here are the before-after pictures of D'EYEKO Adi Adrian Professional Make-Up Artist Lashes #01:
And this is the comparison between #01 & #02.
I love how dramatic it is! We can also customize the thickness as much as we want. But it's quite heavy at the first time I try it XD We also have to apply it as neat as possible, patiently. Unlike the other D'EYEKO eye lashes, this series doesn't come with glue. But since it is made for experts, I'm sure they all already have their own holy grail eye lashes glue ^^

My final looks. Comparison between #01 & #02. Which one do you like the most?
Thank you so much for reading this post. Hope this helps ^^


ym said...

both are gorgeous on you >o<

Unknown said...

kyny aku lebi suka yg no 1 car :D

Unknown said...

Yessy> Thank you dear ^^
Rini> Me too Rin, lebih natural dan lebih ringan.. XD

Hadi Nugraha said...

Both are great ^_^

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