Saturday, January 4, 2014

Hello 2014!

Hi all!!!

It's 2014!!! Woohoo..

This is my first post in this year. If you think I'll write about my new resolution, sorry.. I never make it honestly. I'm a kind of person who live for today LOL, yeah, a random kind of lady. I also didn't make a "new year look" because I always love to spend my new year moment at home, with my family, or only with my husband this year. So I never put on some makeup on my face at new year night XD Because after 1 AM on January 1st, I usualy go to my bed and sleep.. zz.. zz.. z.. Lazy? Yeah.

Anyway.. there were many things happen in 2013! Hmm.. these are the highlights:
- Have our own house! ^^
- Had our 2nd wedding anniversary at Singapore
- Got featured on Hairideas magazine on April 2013 edition
- Got few makeup artist jobs for photoshoot projects
- Got 2 makeup artist jobs for fashion spread on magazines. One of it will be published in January 2014!! ^^
- Got a new job on July 2013
- Accidentaly has a cat and kittens which I love so much!!
- Got so many products & treatments from many beauty brands & services. Thank you so much!
- Attended some concerts of my favorite bands!! Kensington, Hellogoodbye, Blur, Mew, Ash, etc.. Yeaah!!
- My works (with my team at my previous office) - Prints & posters of Blackberry Z10 won 7 silvers
  and 1 bronze on Citra Pariwara 2013 (Indonesian advertising award).

And many more.. that I forgot XD

Dear you, thank you so much for keep reading my blog =D Sorry for the lack of updates lately. I never thought that I would get many chances because of this blog. I strated with writing whatever I like and then it becomes useful like now. Honestly, I'm a bit bored writing about beauty. That's one of the reason why I didn't post anything lately, beside my laziness.. ^^ Maybe this year I will write many other topics, that I love of course.

And Oh! This year I do a project called #365photosdiary on my instagram. I also share it on my personal facebook and twitter. Basically, I have to post at least 1 picture every day during this year. So at the end of the year, I will compile those pictures and post it in this blog maybe? Or just print it and hang it on my wall for reminder of my 2014 moments. Haha.. so fun isn't it? You should try it too! I hope I can consistently post those pictures, although I'm busy. Yaay!!

So.. Happy New Year 2014 everyone!! =D

*my first picture on #365photosdiary project

See ya!!

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