Monday, January 27, 2014

My Retro Fashion & Beauty Picks from Zalora

Hi all!!

What is your favorite look/style? Mine? Obviously, I love 60's look & style so much! Why? Because it's fun and gorgeous, IMHO XD

Fashion revolution started in the 60's. There were many kind of modern fashion & beauty items invented in this era, such as mini skirt. There were also so many style choices: Mods (my favorite), Hippie, Vintage-Glamour, Rockability, etc.. Twiggy, Sharon Tate, Edie Sedgewick, Jane Birkin and the gorgeous Audrey Hepburn are my fashion & beauty icons. I’m so happy because 60’s look & style become popular again these days. We can see it on TV series, music, magazine, etc; Mad Man series, The Like, Lana Del Rey, etc..

Retro culture influences me in choosing makeup & fashion stuffs. I usually buy retro dresses and accessories at flea market. But sometimes I’m too busy with my job so I don’t have much time to go there. Thanks god for the internet!. I can find many kind of retro outfits easily on online store, for example Zalora. Although they only sell new items, but they have many modern retro fashion stuffs. It’s so much easier to find the products for the look. We can see many references and learn how to apply it easily by our selves using any cosmetic brands which are also available in Zalora.

Mini dress is a must for this look. You can choose the A line dress in solid color or pattern. How about the makeup? Bold eyeliner, white waterlines and thick lashes with black mascara were hallmarks of 60's retro look. Use nude or red lip color. Choose the same color for the nails. ^^

Ready to try the retro style? Here are my picks from Zalora:
Style #1
Fashion: Choose solid bright color mini dress, combine with neutral color accessories.
Look: Use thick black eyeliner with nude lipstick. Make your nails look pretty in pale color nail polish.

Style #2
Fashion: Choose black & white with geometric pattern mini dress, combine with neutral accessories for elegant look or bright color accessories for casual/summer look.
Look: Use thick black eyeliner with red lipstick. Don’t forget to bring cat eye or large round sunglasses!

Anyway, you can also find many other stuffs in Zalora, for woman and man. It is one of the biggest online store in Indonesia (even the world), so you don’t have to worry about your order. They will ship and handle it professionally. Remember, online shopping is fun if you shop at the trusted online store ^^

Last but not least.. How do I look? =D
See ya! ^^


Dine Aisah said...

Suka banget degan Cat glases nya kak^^ sudah lama banget masuk dalam daftar whish list^^

Unknown said...

Yup.. bagus modelnya ^^

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