Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Red Wine Wrap at SPA InterContinental

Hi all!!

Red Wine tastes and smells good, quite expensive and has a lot of goodness for our body. It could actually reduce the chance of getting fat. How if we use it for body skin care? =)

I was invited to SPA InterContinental last week to try their Red Wine Wrap treatment. I was so excited because I've never try this treatment before. I imagined red wine smeared all over my body, fantastic!

SPA InterContinental is situated on the second floor of InterContinental Jakarta, Midplaza. SPA InterContinental featuring extensive facilities and services. The facilities are surrounded by a decor especially designed to soothe the mind and relax the body. The theme selected combines traditional designs and rustic colours from the south-west area of America. The soothing and relaxing effect can be felt throughout the area and in all facilities which include single and double treatments rooms, complements and without a bathtub and shower, a reflexology area and a Spa Bar.

SPA Treatment Room (single bed)
SPA Treatment Room (double bed)
 Feet Reflexology Area
I got my treatment in single SPA treatment room with a bathtub and shower. It's quite large, almost like a hotel room. It smells so good and relaxing.

The comfortable bed and bathtub.
There's a heating blanket on it special for the treatment. I wish I could have one on my house ^^
 There's also a chair for feet reflexology (left). Before started, I had to change my clothes with a batik kimono. They provide a cupboard to put our clothes and goods. (right)
This was me while enjoying feet reflexology ^^ I soak my feet in a warm water consists of flowers and salt (left). They use rose buds and candles as decorations to support the relaxing ambiance in the room. (right)
Then we continued to the "main course", Red Wine Wrap Treatment =D. It took 120 minutes that consists of three main sessions:

1. The Essence Aromatic Massage.
A masseuse applied the gentle techniques of Essence Aromatic Massage for 60 minutes in order to loosen the tensions on the muscles. I could choose which essence I like. I chose spirit which is fresher than serenity.

2. The Lavender Rose Scrub.
I enjoyed a 30 minute Lavender Rose Scrub that will open the pores of the skin and remove excess dirt and toxins. The Lavender Rose Scrub is consisted of oatmeal, salt, milk powder, ground rose, whole lavender, white French clay and 100% essential oil. It is believed to moisturize the skin and therefore possesses an anti-aging effect. Sorry, I didn't take any picture during this session because I was totally naked and fell asleep..

3. The Red Wine Wrap itself.
The therapy reached its climax during this process that lasts 30 minutes. The wrapping formula is composed of organic red clay, kaolin, White French Clay, rose, hibiscus and 100% essential oil. Using a special brush, a therapist covered the whole body with a mixture of wrapping ingredients and a glass of red wine.
As the finishing touch, I was enveloped with a heating blanket. This was to ensure that the ingredients along with the warmness of the wine penetrate deep under the skin in order to enhance blood circulation.
Since it uses a high red wine quality, this therapy offers all the goodness a red wine can bring. While the red wine has the ability to tighten and refresh the skin. 

Then the therapist let me took a shower. After that she helped me to apply the body lotion. She also served a pot of Ginger Tea which tastes so good. She was so kind and polite, a very important value in a service =D
You know what? I felt superfresh and relax!!! My skin looks clean, tight and fresh. Say goodbye to my dull skin. In the end, all I can say, they gave a very satisfactory services!

After I changed my clothes, I'm waiting for Catrina in this room:
With Mrs Sofia & Catrina at the entrance of SPA InterContinental Jakarta 
Before I went home, Catrina showed me the other hotel facilites, such as restaurant, and this pool..
Completed with these comfortable sunbathing mattresses
Like an oasis in the middle of a busy city ^^
So, do you have a plan to pamper yourself? I highly recommend this Red Wine Wrap treatment. It's unique and luxurious! Feel the sensation, try it yourself  =)

Who can enjoy this treatment? Anyone, both male and female except expectant mothers and children below 14 years old.

This treatment is a part of SPA InterContinental promotion at an affordable IDR 687,000++ for three sessions. Trust me, it's worth the money.

Fyi, there will be a Valentine's SPA Package on February 2014. You could enjoy 3 hours experience with the love of your life. Feel stress and tension melt away with an aromatic massage using a combination of essential oils and intuitive strokes for ultimate relaxation. This is followed by a nurturing Decleor facial with a special focus on uplifting tired skin for ladies and creating sporty sensation for men. A delicious lunch completes this luxurious package.
Price IDR 1,250,000+++ per couple.

Where is it?
SPA InterContinental Jakarta
2nd floor of InterContinental Jakarta MidPlaza
For further information and reservations:
(021) 2510888 ext. 6609

Thank you so much SPA InterContinental for pampering me with this treatment.

See ya! ^^


Belliani Bebe said...

treatmentnya mahal banget..Sesuai banget ma fasilitas dan pelayanan yang diberikan. Benar-benar ga mengecewakan dengan harga yang dibayar.

Xiao Vee said...

waaaa unik banget.. kayak sleeping bag XD

Unknown said...

Belliani> Yup, yiu should try it dear!! ^^

Xiao Vee> Iya... enak banget anget.. ^^

Unknown said...

Dulu eke kerja jd PR officer di hotel intercon...
Jd kangen main kesana. Diundang sm mbak siapa? Prissilia/aileen/santi?
Emang spa intercon mantap.
Apalagi restonya enakkkkk

Unknown said...

Diundang Catrina kat.. ^^
Iya fasilitasnya bagus2

Unknown said...

wah ada nama catrina ya sekarang :D mgkn org baru x (sotoyy) hehehe

Dannie Wang said...

Kalau bu tinah msh dsana kahh..

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