Friday, February 14, 2014

Anna Karina Inspired Look

Hi all!

Do you know Anna Karina?
She is one of famous Danish-French arctress in the 60's. I adore her style, her hair and her look so much. She also can singing and dancing. So, today's look is inspired by this gorgeous lady. 

Let's get it started!

The black & white version..
This look is suitable for any occasions, even for today, yeah, Valentine's day! Don't forget to wear a lovely retro dress. =)

Let's watch her singing & dancing in one of her movie, "A Woman is a Woman".

See ya!


hanna anindhita said...

kariiin cakeeeep

Unknown said...

heheh.. thanks haan!!! ^^

MITCH said...

thanks for the tutorial!
love your eye makeup.


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Turis Cantik said...

Bibir kamu kering bngt say sampe pecah pecah gitu..pake madu aja kali aja cocok. Anyway nice tutorial :)

Unknown said...

MITCH> thank you for visiting my blog ^^

turiscantik> iya ni dear.. lagi kering banget karena sering beraktivitas di ruangan ber-AC (ditambah cuaca yg lg dingin banget). Thanks a lot for the tips =D

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