Saturday, February 1, 2014

Japan Beauty Week 2014

Hi all!

Did you attend Japan Beauty Week last week? I did! Because I was one of the guest bloggers ^^ If you couldn't come, don't worry, here I'll share my experience to you.

This 4 days event (January 23rd-26th) took place at Plaza Senayan, Jakarta. We could see and try many Japan Beauty Products from Kanebo, Menard, Kracie, Hada Labo, Astalift and Panasonic Beauty there. We could also join the talk show and seminar from these brands for free. This event was held by Japan Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, colaborated with Japan Cosmetic Industry Association. I was invited by Kawaii Beauty Japan.

 I came on the 3rd day (January 25th) with my little sister, Ayu. She loves Japan a lot!
(and can speaks Japanese) XD
The stage.
JKT48 at the opening ceremony (January 23rd)
with Mr. Hiroshi Tani from METI and Kousaku Uchida from JCIA.
Kawaii Beauty Japan also support this event.
Astalift & Hada Labo booth.
My sister was getting her skin checked at Hada Labo booth, using a 3D scanner. Wow!
 Then the beauty asistance explained her skin condition.
Olive des Olive & Million Carats (Japanese fashion brand) outfits on mannequin.
Astalift seminar.
Kracie seminar.
 Menard seminar. *I'll explain the detail in the other post ^^
 I met lots of people and of course bloggers ^^ Marsha, Nisa, Cheryl, Dinda (who was also a guest blogger for Kanebo talk show).
 Change my outfit into Million Carat dress. I love it a lot! ^^
Me on stage with 2 other bloggers for Kanebo Talk Show.
This event is very useful for the fans of Japan beauty products like me, or for you who want to know more about it. I wish this event will be held regularly, every once a year maybe? Of course with many others Japan beauty brands ^^

See ya!


Unknown said...

itu adeknya? cantiikk :) and love your outfit as always ;D

My Butterfly Fly Away

Unknown said...

Sayang banget ga ketemu ka Carryn, aku di talkshownya Astalift bareng Ci Nellin :'')
Btw, adeknya cantiiik! Bisa bahasa jepang juga, aku 3 tahun belajar jepang di SMA begitu disana ga ada yang keluar lololol

Unknown said...

saras> iya dear ^^ thank you!! ^^

Beatrix> Hoo hari pertama ya.. Iya soalnya adik saya kuliahnya jurusan sastra jepang jadi lumayan cas cis cus XD

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