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1st Wedding Anniversary Trip: Singapore

Hi all!!

Like I've said in the previous post, this time I'll tell you about my 1st wedding anniversary trip in.. Singapore!

Why Singapore? Because it's near and has many interesting places to visit. And almost all of those places can be reached by their good transportation system, MRT, in a short time. So, I can say that Singapore is a one-stop with non-stop entertainment country ^^. Me and my husband went there as backpackers, although I also brought a medium luggage (you know lah ladies..), backpack is not enough for me, haha..

Day 1
Tuesday, 19 March 2013, we departed from Terminal 2 Soekarno Hatta airport Jakarta using Jetstar airlines on 5:15 PM and landed at Terminal 1 Changi airport Singapore around 7:50 PM (Singapore time).

Our stomachs have been very hungry because we only ate snack and drink frappuccino at Starbucks Soekarno Hatta. At first we were planning to have dinner at Changi, but it was getting dark, so we decided to go to the hostel first to put our luggage.

We stayed at Bunc@Radius Hostel Little India. Thanks to Internet, I already knew which MRT I should take from this website, along with the fares.

So, the route from Changi to Little India is:
- Take Sky Train from Terminal 2 to Changi MRT Station (FREE!!)
- Take East-West Line Board at Changi Airport Station towards Tanah Merah Station. 
  Alight at Tanah Merah Station.
- Take East-West Line Board at Tanah Merah Station towards Joo Koon Station.
  Alight at Bugis Station.
- Take Exit A out of Bugis Station and head north on Victoria Street.

We were a bit lost there because our cellphones were low battery, we couldn't use google maps or any other apps (We didn't have power bank at that time). So we tried to ask random people. The funny thing is, most of Singaporean we asked don't know the street names well, just like me, a Bandung citizen who doesn't really know the street names in Bandung, LOL. We know the places, but we don't know the namo of the street XD. Actually I saved the direction on my digicam.

The route from Little India MRT Station to Bunc@Radius Hostel:
- Walk towards Golden Landmark Hotel (The Village)
- Turn left on Arab Street and head on to Weld Road
- Continue along weld road and cross the Jalan Besar main road towards Upper Weld Road
- Find Upper Weld Road #15 (our hostel address).

When we arrived at Jalan Besar, there was a roadwork, which made it become more confusing. Suddenly I saw Bunc! sign & arrow printed on the roadwork walls. We followed it and finally we found the hostel, yaay! =D And later I know, it would be closer if we alighted at Little India MRT station =|

We immediately checked into the hostel. There's SGD 20 refundable key deposit per person. Each of us got a card to access the dorm and restroom, so it's safe enough. Oh yes, this hostel doesn't provide the free towel, either you should bring yours or rent it for SGD 3. I brought 2 spare towels so we didn't have to rent it.

We were quite surprised when entering the dorm. It was almost completely filled!! It was the ordinary day, not holiday season, so we thought the dorm will be empty. We were wrong!! XD. We walked straight to our bed to store our items inside the deposit box under the bed. It's enough for approximately 2 medium luggages. Unfortunately, the padlock isn't included. So we have to bring it, or just like us, bought it at Mustafa! Hehe..

Well, when I opened my luggage, the code combination was error!! It could not be opened although I've entered the correct code combination. I was panic! So uncomfortable fixing the luggage inside the dorm, very noisy and could disturb the peace of others .. (this is what I dislike from dormitory ^^) As a result, we were forced to damage the code plate =( We were a bit worried leaving our stuffs inside damaged luggage. Just positive thinking, so we just put it all inside the deposit box without the padlock (including our laptops O.O). Then we headed to Mustafa by walking.

Actually, Mustafa is quite near from Bunc. But we were still confuse searching for the right directions so it takes times. We had a dinner at the restaurant across Mustafa, I forgot the name, but its Briyani Rice and Chicken is very delicious!! I'll explain the detail later.

Mustafa was still crowded at midnight because it opens 24 hours. We bought a padlock, an umbrella and some souvenirs. We bought souvenirs in the first day so we can focus enjoying our vacation. Mustafa is very big, we can find all kind of stuffs there such as food, cosmetics, clothes, shoes, stationery, chocolate, accessories, etc. Many people said Mustafa offers cheaper prices than others, but I think it's average, so it's not very cheap as well IMHO. After that we went back to the Hostel. Oh yes, Bunc doesnt't provide the prayer room. We should walk to the nearest mosque, Abdul Gafoor. Unfortunately this mosque isn't open 24 hours. We can pray in the dorm's bed, or in the space between the bed (use the floor mat as well because there are many footwears) if we have to.

Day 2
According to my self-made itienary, we got up early and had breakfast at the hostel (save money! ^^). There's a self-service system, so we have to make our own breakfast with foods and drinks that have been provided such as bread, various jams, cereals, milk, coffee, various teas, completed with a microwave and toaster. After finished, we should washed the plate and the glass ourselves.
My breakfast that morning.

The long dining table that can be used by all guests.
We set off from the hostel around 8 AM to Sentosa Island. In the middle of our journey to MRT station, we bought 2 bottles of mineral water at 7eleven next to Bunc and 2 boxes of SGD 3 nasi lemak at Old Chang Kee. Yes darling, SGD 3!!! Hehe.. it was for our lunch at Universal Studios Singapore, as the food price there is quite expensive ^^ *for the sake of H&M, hehe.. We continued walking to Little India MRT station.

This is the route from Little India to Sentosa Island:
- Take the MRT from Little India Station towards Harbour Front Station.
  Alight at Harbour Front Station.
- Take the Sentosa Express from Vivo City. Alight at Waterfront Station (since our first destination was Universal Studios).
The Sentosa Island tickets.
Finally we arrived at the Universal Studios Singapore! Actually each of us have been here before, but have never go together. First time I visited this place, Transformers The Ride hasn't been created yet. So it was my priority! Get ready for photo-spam ... XD
The first attraction we tried was definitely TRANSFORMERS The Ride: The Ultimate 3D Battle at Sci-Fi City area. In this game, we can participate to save the world from the evil forces of Decepticons along with Optimus Prime and the Autobots. The 3D visual was so realistic, supported by the great sound system. Even the boat where we sit also moving in accordance with the scenes. 2 words: FUN and COOL!! I want more and more!! ^^
We continued to Battlestar Galactica roller coaster attraction. I forgot which one we tried, the blue one or the red one (this one if I'm not mistaken). Well, I also didn't try this game when I came here at the first time because it was being repaired. After trying .. OMG!! Really exciting! We wanted to try the blue one (it's more extreme since it is inverted). Too bad, when we already reached the front of the queue, the ongoing roller coaster suddenly stopped, it was almost finished! (O.O!!) It didn't move forward for several minutes. Me and my husband suddenly changed our mind. So we went back to the exit door, canceled our obsession, fear of being caught in the middle of track and can not go down. Hahah.. So, goodbye Battlestar Galactica!
Fortunately we had tried this attraction, because it's no longer operating from mid-2013 until now. Even some rumors say this attraction are closed and will be replaced with another attraction. Maybe it has so many problems.. =(

My favorite attraction before Transformers The Ride exist was Revenge of the Mummy in Ancient Egypt area. I love the atmosphere inside the pyramid, just like in the Mummy movies (because I've never seen the real pyramid). Decorated with low lighting, hieroglyph letters and mummy coffins. I never get tired riding this indoor roller coaster because the track is totally unpredictable XD And we could buy our photo while riding it in the dark. (Mostly bad face expressions, hahah .. so I didn't redeem it). Btw, our bags was deposited in the nearest locker, for free!
Oh-so-called candid pose.. (-_-")
Next, we headed to The Lost World area to watch the "Waterworld" show, which is based on the movie. Just like watching live movie, we could see the fire effects, water, bridges collapsed, right in front of our eyes. Spoiler: If you don't want to be doused, do not sit in the front rows! Because we will get sprayed with water before the show started!

After that we tried The Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure which had a very long queue.. We'd better deposit our bag at the nearest locker because this is the rafting attraction, which is definitely going to make our clothes wet! We could buy a transparent rain coat if we want, I can't remember the price. But me and my husband didn't buy it because we were not afraid of being wet. The weather was hot and we brought extra clothes as well. The track is not so challenging anyway, but before finish, there's a "surprise" track that makes almost all of the passengers wet (the seat position determines how wet we are XD) Luckily me and my husband safe from water.. There was a man with his daughter sitting next to my husband, they seemed very well prepared with raincoats. At the end, they were the wettest persons on the boat XD. What a lucky man! I didn't took some pictures because my camera was inside my bag.

Then we went back to Ancient Egypt area to try Treasure Hunters attraction. It also had a long queue, mostly kids and their parents. Here we can ride our own vintage vehicle (actually it's moving on the rails ^^) as treasure hunters. It's quite boring for adult honestly, because the vehicle moves so slow. But it was a nice way to dry our wet clothes, hehe..
It was almost 12 PM. We had lunch at the bench in front of the pyramid, our SGD 3 nasi lemak from Old Chang Kee! This is how it looks:
It tasted pretty good lah, coz Old Chang Kee is one of the long-established restaurants.

After that we went to Far Far Away area to try Shrek 4-D Adventure attraction inside this cute castle..
In Universal Studios Singapore, we can meet many iconic figures walking around at every corner in every area of ​​the zones. So, don't forget to take some pictures together!
Hello Puss in Boots!
Marilyn Monroe ^^
The last attraction we tried was Lights, Camera, Action! Hosted by Steven Spielberg, where we could see the special effects used in Hollywood movies direcltly. If a bit scared of fire, just stand at the last row (above), it won't be so close with the fire effects. Interestingly, they hung many famous movies posters on the wall along the queue. One of it is my husband's favorite movie, Alfred Hitchcock's PSYCHO. Hahah yeah .. really old ..
Finally we got ready for the next destination. But still incomplete if we didn't take a picture in front of the Universal Studios Globe. Because Tongsis hasn't exist yet at that time, we asked random people to take our pictures. Unfortunately, sometimes they didn't care about the angle and the background. Though I had requested them to snap when the "Universal" word is full like this:
This is the best photo we can get: XD
So, I suggest you to bring Tongsis! ^^

Actually after Universal Studios, I wanted to try Beach Tram at Siloso Beach, but our feet were very sore, I almost couldn't feel it anymore. So we just directly went to Songs of the Sea area. We took Sentosa Express again, alight at the Beach Station. We got there around 6 PM. Bit confused to find a place to eat, til I saw Mc Donald sign! XD So we had a light dinner: Filet O Fish Burger, French Fries and Ice Lemon Tea.
Songs of the Sea would start at 7:40 PM, but we've allowed to in a few minutes earlier. We sat in the back of middle seat so we can saw the entire landscape.
Fortunately the weather was very good. Look at the bright sky! We could see the sunset as well..
So many audiences.. Almost all the benches filled.

Accidentally saw this cloud .. Any idea what word it is? Subhanallah.. ^^
The background of the show are wooden houses above the beach (Sea Kelong). Later, it would be the source of dancing fountains which follow the beat of the musics.
Songs of the Sea performance was pretty cool in my opinion. The dancing fountains combined with laser shots, bursts of fire and awesome sound system, made this multimedia show looks "WOW". Although the story was simple, about a young boy named Li, whose his melodious voice awaken Princess Ami, who stays inside the sea. He wants to meet Princess Ami again. Along the way he meets the 3 Lords of the Elements. The first is The Lord of Fire, with the others being The Spirit of Light and the Lady of the Sea (the coolest IMHO). Li sings for all three of them and helps regain their powers which they had lost after falling into a long sleep. After singing with all his friends, Princess Ami shows up again and the show ends with a final blast of fireworks.
The Lady of The Sea
Princess Ami
The show was finished.. we went back to Little India, looking for a place for heavy dinner around the hostel. The route:
- Take Sentosa Express at Beach Station, alight at Vivo City. 
- Take MRT at Harbour Front Station, alight at Little India Station.
On the way to Bunc, we stopped at one of the restaurants, "NETS". We ordered Briyani Rice again because we love it. Sadly, it wasn't so tasty.. But the portion was big enough..
Then we walked straight to Bunc. Our body felt so sore.. We had to sleep early so we can get up early too in the next day to continue our journey! ^^

Day 3
This day we planned to leisurely walk at some famous places in Singapore. Just like the previous day, we got up early in the morning, did Subuh pray at Abdul Gafoor mosque, had a shower and breakfast at the hostel. Then we hang out!!

Oh yes, Bunc@Radius is located between many historic buildings. We still can see the strong classic architectural at the hostel building itself, with white paint and black accents as the modern touch. Decorated with minimalist black & white interior design. Actually, there's an interesting open space on the top floor. But we didn't have time to see it because of our tight schedule. The hostel also provides some city tour packages that you can try =)
Good morning little bird on the street..!
One of the well-maintained old buildings. I hope our country can do the same thing to our old buildings.. =)
Little India, a very colorful street!
Our first destination was Orachard Road!! First, I visited Daiso. to buy a few items that have not been entered in Indonesian Daiso XD The price also much cheaper compared o Indo's right? *excuse. Then I entered Sephora, but didn't buy anything since I still had so many beauty products at home.. After that we just walked around along Orchard Road. Buy some souvenirs and a little shopping at H&M. I didn't buy lot of things because we still had so many destinations to visit.
We found a place which has delicious Chicken Rice menu at Lucky Plaza top floor for lunch. The price is also not too expensive. Took place at a small unit stores but has a very long queue.. Indicators  of delicious food IMHO ^^ 

Of course we didn't forget to eat "Orchard Ice Cream". I chose mango ice cream with wafer, my husband chose vanilla ice cream with bread. Yumm!
The nearest mosque around Orchard is Al-Falah Mosque, at Bideford Road. 
We left Orchard and headed to Bugis Street. The place which is famous with its affordable stuffs was very crowded that day. I got confused of what should I buy. Then I found a lovely stuff, a Hello Kitty sweater for SGD 40. My husband said it was quite expensive for Bugis Street standard price, and still could be bargained. But I'm bad in bargaining, and already fell in love with the sweater. So I didn't care.. I bought it! We bought some souvenirs as well, including I ❤ Singapore T-shirts which were sold in many designs choices and extra bag to store those stuffs, hehe .. If you want to buy affordable souvenirs, Bugis Street is the right place to go, because many stores offer SGD 10 for 3 stuffs, hoho.. We just have to be patient and careful in selecting the good stuffs.
Next destination, Gardens by the Bay!! I was very excited to visit this place. Got there around 4. There are a lot of flower visuals on the connecting bridge..
Finally, after few minutes walking.. we arrived at the Gardens by the Bay. We had a rest on the bench long enough before entering the attractions. Oh, they also rented a locker to store our stuffs! What a relief! Hoho.. Then we entered the Flower Dome ..
The air inside the Flower Dome contrast with the outside. It was really cool here, felt like being in Lembang! Colorful flowers are everywhere!! So beautiful!! We could also listen to the "sounds of nature" with the headphones provided at some corners.
And this place made us can't stop camwhoring! LOL
How could you posing like this? =|
More flowers..
Found the flowers that match with my skirt pattern, Daisies!! ❤ ❤ 
Easters themed decorations scattered everywhere..
There's a spot with lots of colorful roses. Since rose is my favorite flower, I really love this spot!!!
There were lots of interactive multimedia simulations related to plants along the exit way. This is one of it:
It's about the life cycle of a tree if I'm not mistaken, but I forgot the name of the tree. So cool!

Then we moved to the Cloud Forest. Too bad the day was getting dark, so most of the photos are blurry because I just used a pocket digital camera. I was so amazed when looking at the artificial waterfall decorated with greenery and lights. The forest are behind it, completed with some simulation tools and multimedia room.
Gardens By The Bay Maps
The rooms were filled with multimedia simulations. Very futuristic!
Beside plants, there were also stone displays.
We didn't stay long inside the Cloud Forest because we were hungry. Before leaving the Gardens By The Bay, we walked around Supertree Groves which looked much much cooler at night.
Actually, there are many other attractions at Gardens by The Bay. Maybe next time we should spare one day to visit all of those attractions ^^

Marina Bay Sands looked beautiful at night.
Time to have a dinner! We went back to Bunc by walking & using MRT. I wanted to use Taxi because my feet were bloody pain! But it would break our "backpacking" rules, so I sticked to our plan, LOL.

Because we didn't have much energy, we just had a dinner at the first reastaurant across Mustafa Center again.. And the taste is very good as well, we love it so much! We are so going to eat in this place again someday! This is how it looks, Briyani Rice & Chicken:
It's also super affordable! 2 portions of Briyani Rice & Chicken + Ice Milk Tea = SGD 16!
After that we went to Mustafa again to buy additional souvenirs.

Day 4
The last day! Stupidly, we had booked the early flight! I somewhat regret it. We woke up late because we were really tired. We were packing in a rush. Oh yes, this is the double bed inside our dorm (I didn't have time to tidy it up):
There's a lamp & clothes hanger + a stairs for the single bed on it.

Finally!! We had to go home.. Next time we should come here again to visit many other interesting places!!
When I was about to enter the departure room at Changi Airport, one of my souvenirs (Large Jar Vaseline) was taken by the airport guard, because I forgot to put it on my luggage huhu.. I regret because I really needed it =( Next time I we should take the late flight, so we can relax a little bit..

That's all my story. I hope its useful for you who want to visit Singapore. I bought The Universal Studios, Songs of The Sea and Gardens By The Bay tickets online at Rozi Tour, few months before went there because I was worried about running out of tickets if I buy it on the spot.

Best buy: Colorful Cheap Nail Polishes from Mustafa XD
See ya! ^^


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