Thursday, April 17, 2014

D'EYEKO Starter Kit & True Glue

Hi all!

Today I'm going to share my review about the latest D'EYEKO products, D'EYEKO Starter Kit & D'EYEKO True Glue:
As usual, it comes in a plastic packaging with an art paper in feminine design and hologram accent on the logo.
There's a user guide on the back side.
Each pack consists of a lash applicator, 2 pairs of lashes, #110 and #136 which can be used several times and a bottle of lash adhesive. A perfect bundle for beginners.
Maybe some of you are familiar with eyelash applicator. But if you have no idea at all of what it looks like, here it is:
*Excuse my ugly nails, LOL.. 
It's like a hair pin, made of light plastic and rubber on the tip. This tool is used to clamp the eyelashes. Remeber to clamp the outer part of lashes, not the string part.
Because.. you need to put the glue on the string! XD You can put this tool anywhere while waiting for the glue to dry.
When the glue is half dry, use this tool to put the lashes as close as possible with our natural lashes.
I personally still need to fix the corner of lashes with fingers ^^ So, IMHO, the function of this applicator is only to put the fake lashes as close as possible with our natural lashes.

If you've read my old blogposts about D'EYEKO eyelashes, I always say that I really love the glue! And now.. it comes in a full size bottle!!
The applicator is so thin, perfect for applying glue on the string. Is it only me that feel the glue texture is lighter than the small sized one? I need to shake it well before using it to get the better texture so it wont spill to the lashes.
Conclusion, I actually prefer tweezers than the lash applicator because I'm already a pro in applying false lashes with tweezers, even when I'm inside a car on my way to somewhere LOL. But this D'EYEKO Starter Kit is good for beginner, because everything you need for learning is in the box! And you need no worry about the quality. =) Oh and I love the D'EYEKO True Glue! Definitely a product I'll always bring in my makeup pouch =D

Price: Each of them is IDR 90,000. Quite affordable! ^^
Hope this review helps ^^ See ya!


Dewie Aprillia said...

tool nya lucu banget ya, jd simple pakai bulmat.. selama ini lbh nyaman pakai tangan,, jd pengen cobain alatnya hihi lemnya jg bagus si deyeko ini ya carryn :D

maretakha said...

aku mau beliiiiiii tapi masih ragu sama lem dan takut gak bisa gunain penjepitnya ituuuu. aku jg better pake tweezeeeerrrssssss huahahahha

Unknown said...

Dewie> Iya wie, saya suka lemnya karna beneran rekat ^^ Ga kayak lem bulmat yang biasa gitu..

maretakha> Hihi, kalau yang udah biasa pake tweezers emang agak aneh sih pas nyobain pake ini. Tapi mungkin kalau semakin sering pake ini, bakal semakin lancar make-nya ^^

Ninneta - MissPlum said...

Itu penjepitnya kayaknya membantu banget yah... Coba ahhh.. Makasih ya reviewnya...

Mampir ke blog ku yah. Ada postingan tutorial baru menggunakan warna paling hits tahun ini.


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