Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Etude House Color My Brows

Hi all!!

Actually I wasn't curious at all with Brow Mascara. I thought eye brow pencil and powder were enough to define my brows. Until I dye my hair in super bright color, and neither eye brow pencil and powder can cover my dark brow to be as bright as my hair. Those products only coloring the skin under the brow, not the brow hair. So I bought these products, Etude House Color My Brows.
Because I bought it online, I was a bit confuse in choosing the right shade. So I bought all 5 shades..
It comes in a light plastic bottle with different colors, depends on the shade. 

With flash:
Without flash:
It comes in a cute paper packaging, just like all of Etude House products.
When we open it, we can see the bottle is tucked in the middle of packaging, so it won't fall. You can see the detial information inside, in Korean of course ^^.
I thought the bottle size is the same with the regular mascara. Nope, it's smaller. Here is the comparison with my hand:
Of course, it has a short wand too. Lately I know why they create it in this size, it is easier for applying the product on our brow with this short wand. You should try it yourself! ^^
The brush size is also small, quite fit in our brow. I can imagine if the brush is bigger, the products will overflow from our brow.. it would be very inconvenient indeed! XD
Here are the shades (with & without flash).. I also show my picture so you can help me to choose which shade match with my current hair color XD Because honestly, I still a bit confuse right now. Because I can't read Korean, I'll mention the color based on what I see..
#1 is Dark Brown. It fits with almost all Asian natural hair color.
#2 is Light Orangish-Brown. I think this shade matches with my hair color, but still a bit too bright.
#3 is Reddish-Brown. I think this shade also matches with my hair color. But it's a bit red.
#4 is Ash Blonde color. Obviously, it's too bright ^^
#5 is Goldish-Blonde color. This is too bright also ^^

And fyi, I can see the formula is a bit glittery. But it's not that obvious when applied to our eyebrows, especially the shade #1.

Ng... cox I still can't pick the shade, I decided to mix 3 of them..
#4 + #3 + #5 =
I think this new color quite matches with my hair color, doesn't it? ^^

Price: $4,95 + $2,00 (shipping cost) = $6,95 (each) = IDR 80,000 (less or more) -> Quite affordable! ^^

After I use it several times, I really love this product because it has a good staying power, waterproof and sweat-proof! I usually combine it with eyebrow pencil for daily look. Definitely the product that I'll always repurchase!

I hope this review helps you.

See ya!! ^^


Ririeprams said...

Aku juga punya nih yg dark brown, by the way kamu beli dmn? Aku beli cuma 60an >.<

Unknown said...

60ribu?? Beli dimana?? Saya beli di ebay soalnya O.O


Kmrn aku jg liat ready stock di fb 65 rb kak >____< di ebay lmyn mahal ya kalo gt wkwk

Unknown said...

SInta> Hahah.. tau gitu beli di sini aja. Iya soalnya dollar lagi mayan tinggi waktu beli ini =(

Shanty Huang said...

Aq pgen yg no5…bgus uda pake yg no 4

Unknown said...

Santy> Ayoo ayoo beliii! *racun hehe

Unknown said...

kyaaa~~ ini post yg aku cari2, akhrnya ada yg yg review semua warna... makasiii kak...
btw, coba mix no 1 dan 4 kak, sprtnya oke.. hahaha
thank youuu :*

Ririeprams said...

Aku beli di Tokopedia, selalu ready stock juga. COba deh klik link ini: Color my brow

Jessica Ie Journal said...

akhirnya bisa bedain warna2nya skaligus. smpt bingung banget antara 5 warna itu --'
no 2 sama 5 mirip yah kak?
jdi pingin no 2 meskipun rambutku merah ��������
thankyou ya kak berguna banget!:D

Xiao Vee said...

wahh mahal kalo beli di ebay >.<
thanks for nice review kak :D

Unknown said...

Riyanti> Hihi.. you're welcome dear! ^^

Ririe> Waaa iyaaa... ada yang jual 57ribu malah!! *pingsan >.< Thanks infonya dear! Ntar kalo beli lagi di situ aja berarti, hahah..

jessica> Agak mirip sih emang ^^ Tapi nomor 2 kalau diperhatiin agak sedikit orange, kalau nomor 5 lebih ke gold/yellow blonde gitu.. *semoga kebayang ya ^^

Xiao vee> Iyaa.. tau gitu beli di sini aja =( You're welcome dear! ^^

Nurina said...

menurut aku yg paling cocok no 1 kalo ga 3 :)

Turis Cantik said...

Kamu beli kemahalan say hehehe

Unknown said...

nurina> Hihi, thanks ya dear! I think so! ^^

turiscantik> Sebenernya kalau tanpa ongkir $2 & dollar lagi di bawah IDR 10,000 sih murahan beli di ebay ya.. Hahah.. Jd kalo sekarang2 emang mendingan beli di seller lokal nampaknya.. ^^

Venessa Jeremia said...

too whitecast.. chose darker foundation or don't use high spf bb / cc cream.. imho.

Unknown said...

Yeah I know dear. The light that I used also only highlight my face, so the other area looks darker.. ^^

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