Thursday, April 3, 2014

Me & Him

Hi everyone!

This time I want to talk about my personal life =)

If you follow my instagram, you must have known 2 weeks ago, March 20th, was my birthday, and the next day, March 21st was my second wedding anniversary ^^. Yeah, I'm 28 years old married lady right now. It's funny that I often wished to become an adult ASAP when I was a kid and now I wish the opposite.. XD.

I often thought that being adult is easier than being a kid. We can go anywhere we like without parent's permission, buy anything with our own money, do anything we like with no one can interrupt. And when it happens.. It's not as easy as I thought. Especially if you live in Jakarta, Indonesia XD. Bring back my childhood please!! But we can face it if we have faith and people we love. ^^

Talking about love. I met my husband in 2006. I knew him from my friends. He was already had a job in Jakarta at that time, and I was still a college student in Bandung. He joined a blogger community in Bandung, so did my friend. When they held a gathering, my friend asked me to come along with her. There I met him for the first time, but we didn't talk each other.

One day his friend's girlfriend needed a model for her friend's cothing line (so many relations.. haha..). She chose me. He also came at the photoshoot. We started to talk at that time. Even, he asked me to design a website for his band. We met several times. Then, I became an intern at one of advertising agency in Jakarta. It was 2007, I was in the 6th (or 7th?) semester. We often met each other for dinner and hang out on weekend. I often came to watch his live music performance, with his friends whose also becoming my friends til present.

One day, 07/07/2007, we just got back from somewhere (I forgot) with our friend's car. They dropped me at my rented house. When I closed the gate, suddenly he showed up again and asked me to be his girlfriend. (O.O?) I was shocked. I didn't answer immediataly. LOL. I answered by sms, after I entered my room, meanwhile he was on the way back home.

We were in a a long distance relationship for a year because I had to finish my college in Bandung. LDR is not easy.. Luckily we could make it ^^ We continued our relationship when I got a job in Jakarta for 3 years, until we decided to get married. I mean, he decided. Hahah.. Yeah. Honestly, at that time, deep down in my heart, I didn't want to be married before 30 years old.. But you know.. parents.. (I mean my parents), they worried about me. I even got a panic attack several days before marriage. I am a rebelious girl since I was a kid. I love freedom. I panicked when imagining that I would be a wife. I couldn't be as free as I was that time. I couldn't hang out with my friends anytime I want. I couldn't shop as many as I like, etc.. etc.. I thought that I'm not capable to become a wife. I cried to my best friend. She calmed me down and asked me to think clearly. I still could run away if I want LOL.
That day, March 21st, is the day. A day after my birthday. My father in law chose the date, because he said it is a "hari baik" in Javanese culture. We held the "Akad Nikah" in my house. We just invited our relatives and some neighbors. Honestly, I disappointed with the makeup. My mom chose the make up artist because I was too busy with my job those days. I couldn't handle everything, only few small things like my wedding dress (and shoes) and honeymoon plan =( Actually I wanted to do my own makeup, but my mom didn't allow me. I regret.. if only I forced my ego that time XD.
Woke up early to get my hair & makeup done.
He looked nervous XD
Finally!! ^^
Custom Kebaya & Suit - Fragrance Kiki Chan Bandung
My shoes: Melissa Vivienne Westwood Lady Dragon White Pearl & Red Heart -
His shoes: Black Lace Up Mens Shoes - NEXT

We went to Bali right in our wedding night. We spent our honeymoon for 4 days. My cousin gave me her favorite driver in Bali contact number, Made Suta. He's so kind and bring us to many Romantic spot in Bali.
Just arrived at Jimbaran, Bali.
Entertained by roving musicians.
The next day, Made Suta brang us to watch Barong Dance show.
Then we went to Uluwatu Temple.
Many Korean & Japanese couple came to this place ^^
In the afternoon, we walked on the Beach near our Hotel in Legian.
A stranger photobomb. LOL.
Second day!
The funny thing is, it was Nyepi at the third day. So we couldn't go anywhere, just stayed in our hotel room. Even we had to turn off the electricity an TV. Thank god we bring our laptop and modem so we still could online (what a nerd couple). It was a weird yet amazing experience. When I opened the window at night, I can see nothing, just black, solid black..! (O.O")

We held the wedding reception a month later. Took a place in a building near my house. This time my makeup and hair were done by my aunt's friend. She's a pro in traditional wedding makeup. And yes, her makeup was way.. way.. better than the MUA on my Akad.
The decorations.
The bridesmaids.

Selfmade souvenir tickets.

What were we talking about? XD

My little sister.

With my cousins & nephews.

With our parents.

Dance little girls, dance! ^^

My lovely grandma, aunts, uncle, nephews =D
We agreed that we will always celebrate our wedding anniversary somewhere. We went to Singapore in the first year and stayed at Bunc Radius Hostel. It's a nice hostel. Because the theme was all about having fun (not making kids XD), we rented a double bed dormitory. I like that place! Although the location is quite far from MRT station, but the interior is very simple and clean. I plan to stay there again if I go to Singapore again. You can read the complete story in the next post.

This year, we planned to go to Macassar because the theme is "culinary holiday". We have bought our tickets last year. Unfortunately, the airlines canceled the flight, and we only had little budget to buy new tickets from the other airlines. So, we changed the plan to celebrate it in our hometown, Bandung, since March 27th to March 31st 2014. Unfortunaltely, the weather was not as good as we wish, almost raining everyday. We were also too busy making some important documents needed to become Depok citizen. We promise next year we have to go somewhere awesome! ^^ Maybe Bangkok, Hongkong or Karimun Jawa? Wherever we will go, let's stay together!

I hope my little family will always be happy and blessed by god =)
I'm grateful to have you in my life, husband! ^^

See ya!


ofisuredii said...

it was nice kak, love ur story and ur wedding photos :3

maretakha said...

Aaaaaa konsep foto polaroid jadi dekorasi di resepsi boleh ya nanti di pake jg sm aku. Lucuuuuu >,<

Longlast ya ka ♡

Unknown said...

Uswatun> Thanks for reading dear.. ^^

maretakha> Abis saya sama suami ga ada waktu mau foto pre-wedding XD Jadi mendadak aja foto sendiri pake instax, ternyata bagus juga buat pajangan resepsi ^^

diani. said...

Cantik sekali carryyyn ♥ oiya happy anniversary yah :)

Unknown said...

thanks dianiii!! ^^ *hugs

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