Saturday, May 17, 2014

bo.ho Make Up Review & Beauty Class

Hi all!

So sorry for the long update. My father in law passed away last week.. ='( So I didn't have the will to write in couple of days ago. But now I'm back! Yeah, like it or not, human has to move on! =)

Today I'm going to share my review about this new brand, bo.ho makeup. They sent me a beautiful paper box wrapped with green ribbon and red rose on it:
I got 4 products, Eyeshadow, Lip Color, Compact Foundation and Eyeliner:
You can see bo.ho uses cardboards and plastics that are made pf plants as the packagings, yeah, because bo.ho is the green makeup! What does it mean? In France, bo.ho will never stop perfecting its formula and the green concept. All products are assembled in a factory dedicated to producing no cosmetic base petrochemicals. Workshops in UK, Lyon, Drome and Milan, actively fight against waste and overpackaging to be safer for nature. And you know what? All packaging is biodegradabel! So earth-friendly! =)
Here are the products that I got with & without flash:
Here are the swatches with & without flash:
My quick review..

1. Compact Foundation (FCO 01 / Beige Diaphane)
This cream foundation has a very light texture, so does the coverage. Actually, the shade is too bright on my skin tone, so it makes my face looks brighter XD It has a light matt finish.. Here is the result on my face when I applied a layer of this cream with my fingers:
You can see it doesn't cover my blemishes well, so I still need to apply a concealer.

The packaging has transparent plastic on the lid so we can see the shade easily. The size is quite travel-friendly, unfortunately the lid is not tight, I have to secure it with elastic like this:
2. Eyeshadow (OAP 115 / Framboise)
This powder eyeshadow is matte and vibrant (see the swatches picture). The staying power is quite good. Honestly I don't really like the shade. It makes my eyes look like a vampire if I don't apply it properly XD So I prefer to use it as a blush ^^

3. Lip Color (RAL 305 / Grenat)
You can see on the swatches picture, the color looks a bit dark. But when I apply it on my lips, it is so sheer, almost looks like I don't use any lip color at all. Although I swipe it several times.. I don't know, maybe my lips are too dark? XD So I think this lip color is good for natural look only ^^ The texture is light, moist and smooth, almost like a gel lip balm, and not sticky. Here is the picture wih & without flash:
4. Eyeliner (White)
The length is shorter than the common eyeliner. Texture is a bit hard, but the color is quite vibrant in one streak. The color is solid white, without shimmer. Good to be applied on waterlines to get bigger eyes effect.

Here is my everyday look with these products (with eyeshadow as the blush)
You can see my face starts oily after 5 hours, but it still looks good lah.. hahah..

Overall, I love the concept of this bo.ho makeup. Not only make us prettier, this brand also care about our planet ^^ But I think they should make a bit improvement, especially in packaging. I know cardboard paper chracteristic is different from plastic, but please make it more secure so it can protect the product inside it nicely. They also have many product range such as mascara, eyebrow pencil, powder, blusher and even brush!

This bo.ho make up is available at Beauty Box. Follow their twitter, facebook and visit their website for more information. 

By the way.. I have a good news for you! You can also try bo.ho makeup by your self by joining this event:
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Beauty Class with Bo.ho Makeup
Saturday, 24 May 2014
2 PM - 4 PM
Beauty Box Kota Kasablanka, Jakarta


You will be teached by bo.ho beauty expert and beauty assistants!
There are only 8 seats (anybody can join, not only blogger),

I'll be there too, so see you soon!! ^^

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

- Registration will be closed on 23 May 2014
- I will send you a confirmation email about the availability of seats
- You don't have to bring your own makeup & brush, because they will provide it
- If there's any date or place changes, I will tell you by email

Thank you so much for reading, see ya!!


Unknown said...

Semoga aku beruntung bisa ikut beauty class dari Bo Ho.

Terimakasih infonyaaaaa... :)

Unknown said...

Besok saya kirim email konfirmasinya ya dear! ^^ See you!

Unknown said...

Wow!! Make-up box!! Its really my newest addiction. At first, I used to carry all my make-up items in a beautiful cover which my father gifted. Though the cover was beautiful, it was difficult to pick up each item from it. But one day, I got to know about this make-up box and it is really great!! Many of the friends use the same. What it attracted me is its packaging style. I think the style of cosmetic packaging creates a great impression for that particular product. But the thing is, quality should also be great.

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