Thursday, May 22, 2014

L'Oreal Paris Beauty Blogger Battle

Hi all!!

Like I've said in my previeous post, I was chose as one of the finalists on L'Oreal Paris Beauty Blogger Battle. We had to bring one person to become our model for makeup demo at L'Oreal Makeup Week event at Mall Taman Anggrek, two weeks ago. I bring my friend, Onisio, here is her face without makeup.. XD
I also met Catra and Endi. Catra was one of the finalists too, she didn't bring a model so she used Endi! Both of them are makeup expert! And you know what? She won!!! I always adore her makeup since the beginning of Indonesian Beauty Blogger era, hehe.. So I should say she really deserves it!
We had to use L'Oreal Paris existing products at their counter, including their famous lip color, Loreal Paris Color Riche lipstick. Here are some products that I used..
The theme was still the same, "When Nude and Bold Collide", and we had to choose one of L'Oreal Paris Ambassador as the inspiration. I chose Eva Longoria, because Onisio has a dark skin tone, I think Eva's sexy & fierce look will look good on her. =D Here is the result..
Haha.. I know, the eyebrows are too bold. But that's my point. I wanted her to have an extreme make over, because she doesn't like wearing makeup actually LOL. What do you think?
Indonesian L'Oreal Paris Ambassador, Dian Sastrowardoyo, also attended to this event. I couldn't stop staring at her because she's so gorgeous in those red lips! She was using L'Oreal Paris Color Riche lipstick in Viva Red, her favorite shade. 
There was a funny situation when her body guard told bloggers not to go home quickly because she wanted to meet us first. I thought she would take a picture with us so I also waited for her in front of the giant lipstick display near the counter. Suddenly, out of nowhere, she showed up right in front of me and talked to me!! It was very close! Even I could see her large dark brown softlenses clearly! She said that actually she liked my make-up, but the eyebrows that I created on Onisio's face were too bold, so it looked unnatural. She even touched my hair because she liked the way I picked the match color on my eyebrows and hair (hehe.. thanks eyebrow mascara!) I was too shocked to remember every words that she said. Everybody also looked at my face when this moment happen because they were following Mrs. Dian, so can you imagine how my facial expression!? O.O Unfortunately I couldn't take any picture with her because she was in a hurry. I wish I could meet her again someday! ^^

Before we left, as usual, photo group...!! Each of us got a special goodie bag from Loreal Paris.
Thank you so much Loreal Paris! What a fun event! Congratulations for Catra & Dhana as the winners!!

See ya!


Sha Aullia said...

aaa kece banget emang makeupnya carryn! aku sukaa hehe, btw si dhananya pulang duluaan diaa mesti balet..yg trakhir ga keikut fto deh ya hehe...

Unknown said...

Sha Aulia> Aaaargh.. kita ga sempet ngobrol banyak ya waktu itu. Next time ketemu lagi mari kita chit chat panjang lebar.. XD Nice to meet you Sha! Makeup dikau juga baguuus!! ^^

Ririeprams said...

Aku bacanya aja langsung "deg...deg...deg..." ngeriiiii >.<

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