Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Veet Hair Removal Cream Relaunch Event & Review

Hi all!

Do you remove the hairs on your skin routinely? Honestly I don't. Haha.. Because I only have few hairs on my skin and it's short, so it doesn't bother me, except some unwanted hairs like underarm and pubic hair.. ("-_-) I usually use laser treatment. But since my schedule is very tight these days, I don't have time to do it anymore.

The solution is.. removing those unwanted hairs by myself. I don't like shaving my hairs with razor because the new hair will grow thicker. I usually use tweezers to pluck those hairs, but it's painful and cause bumps in the area where ​​hair is removed. So, I prefer using hair removal cream. But not all the cream work good on my sensitive skin. Until I found this product, Veet.

Do you know that now Veet has 3 variants for different skin types (left to right): Veet Hair Removal Cream for normal skin, Veet Hair Removal Cream for sensitive skin & Veet Hair Removal Cream for dry skin:
Of course I choose the one for sensitive skin. 

Anyway.. Before I share my experience in using this product, let me tell you my Veet relaunch event report. I was invited to go there few weeks ago at Shangrila Hotel Jakarta. The decoration was so feminine with the touch of white & pink colors. We could enjoy foot & hand massage before the event started..
I met some bloggers there, here is the gorgeous mom-to-be Tara Ruhama:
And of course this cute Korean-ish lady, Sasyachi:
We had a dinner and enjoyed the dessert..
Pinkish decorations were everywhere!
The band.
Ayu Dewi as the MC, she was so beautiful and funny! We were also entertained by the beautiful voice of a beautiful singer, Citra Scholastika.
The dancers.
Finally, a huge size of New Veet Hair Removal Cream was revealed on the stage!
Next, the fashion show! The models wore glamour dresses designed by Grace Fenny, including Veet's new brand ambassador, the beautiful Julie Estelle.
OMG look at her skin! Super flawless! O.O
Okay that's all for the event.

So.. these are the new bottle design of Veet Hair Removal Cream:
It is more modern, simple and feminine than the previous bottle. It also comes with a pink plastic spatula to apply the product. Not only the new packaging, new Veet also comes with a new formula, Hydro Restore Complex which can restore the skin's natural moisture level, and Keraderm technology which is working more closely with the roots of hair, so it makes the skin softer quite longer. This leading-edge technology works effectively even in the short hair.

What is the difference between these 3 variants?
1. Veet Hair Removal Cream for normal skin is enriched with Lotus Milk and Jasmine
2. Veet Hair Removal Cream for sensitive skin is enriched with Aloe Vera & Vitamin E
3. Veet Hair Removal Cream for dry skin is enriched with Shea Butter and Lily

Veet products has been tested by dermatologists and is accredited by the British Skin Foundation. So it is safe to use ^^

The texture of this solid white product is very creamy. We should apply a bit thicker to skin to get the best result. The smell is.. I can't say that I like it, but it's better than the previous one lah ^^

How to use it? I'm sure most of you know better than me. But if you haven't use this product before, don't worry, it's super easy!!! Just follow these steps:
1. Choose which area you want to remove hair from (this time I choose my hand) and make sure it is clean. I usually use this product after bathing, while the condition of my skin is still clean and moist.
2. Squeeze out an amount of cream and put it on the backside of plastic spatula.
3. With spatula, spread it to the skin evenly. Wait for 5 to 10 minutes (because I'm using the sensitive skin variant, if you use the normal or the dry one, it only takes 3 to 6 minutes). You can test to remove the hair from a small area after 5 minutes (or 3 minutes for other variants). Wait for 3 to 5 minutes longer if the hair doesn't come off easily.
4. Remove the cream with the front side of spatula.
5. Make sure you've remove all of the products from your skin.
6. Can you see the hairs on the cream? ^^
7. Rinse the area with water until clean and dry with a towel. Apply moisturizer for softer results.

Still confuse? You can watch my video here:

- Veet Hair Removal Cream 25gr IDR 10,700
- Veet Hair Removal Cream 60gr IDR 21,400

Super affordable! 

A bottle of Veet Hair Removal Cream 60gr is enough for both hands or both legs or underarms + pubic hair. So if you want to remove the whole hairs on your body (except the head hair of course), I think you should use 4-5 60gr bottles.
Overall, I love this product! Although this product doesn't remove our hair permanently, but it's very practical and suitable for busy people like me, and the people who is too lazy to go to the salon for treatment (like me too) =D 

For more informations about Veet, you can visit their website: veet.co.id, facebook: Veet Indonesia and twitter: @Veet_ID.

Hope this review helps. See ya!! ^^


Unknown said...

nice review. does it make any affect on sensitive skin?

Unknown said...

My skin is sensitive, and so far there's no bad effect on my skin ^^

Terrie Dawson said...

Thanks for these wonderful reviews! I've wonderful experience with Veet. I've extreme dry sensitive skin that's why I’ve limited options to use hair removal techniques. I only use hair removal cream and honestly It works like wonder on my skin.

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