Thursday, June 12, 2014

Beauty Class with bo.ho Make-up

Hi all!!

Few weeks ago I invited some ladies, bloggers & non-bloggers, to join Beauty Class with bo.ho makeup at Beauty Box Kota Kasablanka. It was free and limited, so they were so lucky! ^^ Here are some pictures that I took on that day..

I gave a chance to one of the participants to be the model, her name is Nunuy, she's a blogger too (left pic). The other participant who also a blogger is Dewi Yang, go visit her blog ^^! (right pic).
First we had to remove our makeup with Docteur Renaud products, then applied the toner too. I love how light and soft its texture on my skin. It also smells so good!
This is my face before & after using makeup makeup remover & toner..
Next.. makeup base! Because my skin tone is a bit dark, I choose Beige Dore shade for foundation and powder. You can see the color is a bit different (top pic: powder, bottom pic: cream foundation). The powder is a little bit brighter than the foundation. This shade looks good on my skin tone. I also applied concealer to cover redness and blemishes.
Camho with my chairmates after applying the foundation.. =D
left: Rahanny (my friend), right: Loma (visit her blog!)
Next, applying makeup! Started with defining our brows, the beauty trainer gave us lots of good advice! Then we continued applying eyeliner & eyeshadow. Because the theme was Spring Look, we had to choose colorful shades for our look. I chose Yellow, Light Blue and Brown eyeshadoes:

Although bo.ho used natural ingredients, its eyeshadow shades are as vibrant as the other brand. I really fall in love with this Yellow matte eyeshadow!

Next... lip color. I use this #408 lipstick and #04 lipgloss, which had orange-ish tone, match with my eye makeup.
Then we completed the look with bronzer, blusher and highlighter. bo.ho has 2 kind of bronzer: shimmery and matte. I prefer the matte one to create contour my cheekbones and nose.
Tada.. here is the result. So sorry for the image quality, I forgot to change my camera setting into low light mode =(
You can see that Yellow Eyeshadow pop on my eyes ^^

Our tables after the beauty class finished..
Here is the makeup artist from Beauty Box who teached us on that day. She's so kind and patient. Look how she supported Alin to create a perfect brow herself ^^
Group photos...!!
We look so pretty eh? Hehe..
Me with Raden Ayu (visit her blog!) and Alin.
Thank you so much ladies for joining this Beauty Class!! I hope you got a lot of useful lessons. And thank you so much Beauty Box Indonesia for helding this event!! We had so much fun! =D

See ya!
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