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My Skin Care Routine with Menard

Hi all!!

I'm so sorry for the long update.. So many things happened in my real life lately which make me too busy to write. Anyway.. I'm so excited to make this review, because it works so well on my skin!! Okay.. let's get started!

Actually I've heard about Menard since 2 years ago, but because my skin is very sensitive, I was too scared to try their products. Until I was invited to attend their event on Japan Beauty Week. They did a skin care routine demo on the stage, it was so interesting. It made me want to try their products. Luckily they gave me a chance to try their products which are good to solve my sensitive skin problems: blemishes, acnes, large pores, blackheads, oily, etc..

They gave me Tsukika Cleansing Cream, Tsukika Washing Cream and Beauness S:
They also gave me a facial voucher and some samples.
I also got these cute travel size Menard Lisciare products. But I haven't try it because I want to focus on taking care of my breakout face at the moment.
So, I started using Tsukika & Beauness on March 2014. I also tried Menard facial service in their counter at Central Park few weeks later. I'll talk about this first before the product review ^^
First, the beauty assistant analyzed my skin, so I could get a suitable facial treatment, based on my skin condition. I was surprised when she told me that I had a dehydrated skin. I thought, because my skin is oily, it contains too much water. XD But then I think the result is quite true, since I don't drink much water everyday and often do my activities in a room with air conditioner. So, Beauness facial is the best treatment for me, to help me reduce my blemishes. By the way, we also will get the printout!
Then she let me to enter this cozy facial room in the middle of Sogo Central Park
This room is so comfortable, although it is located in the center of beauty counters.

I had to change my clothes into bathrobe. You can see this was my face condition on that day:
The beauty assistant cleaned my face with Tsukika Cleansing & Washing Cream, then she applied Beauness S toner with a light massage.

Next step is the mask application. Oh, I really love this mask!! I can feel my skin became firmer after using this product. Its final texture is like a jelly! So it's so easy to remove. By the way, this mask only can be applied in Menard Facial Salon. We can't take it home.
My skin felt so fresh and firm after that! This service took 1 hour and 30 minutes, so be prepared, make sure you don't have another appointment after that XD.
The beauty assistant told me that I should do this facial treatment at least twice a week if I want a fast skin improvement. But unfortunately I don't have much time because I'm working too. And the location is quite far from my office, because this service is only available at Menard Central Park. I wish they will provide the same service at the other Menard counters. She also warned me not to do my bad habits; squeezing my pimples! =D

Okay now I'll tell you my daily skin care routine with Tsukika & Beauness, along with the review.

1.  Remove makeup with cleansing oil
Put few drops of your favorite cleansing oil on a cotton pad, use it to clean the whole face. Especially in the eyes, lips & ears area. Actually my daily makeup is not this bold, but I always do this step ^^
I also never forget to clean my neck because I usually apply makeup base there ^^

Dip a cotton bud into cleansing oil to clean the mascara. It's so important! We should make sure there's no mascara left on our lashes, because the remaining mascara is a perfect place for germs to stay and will cause eyes iritation.

2. Remove the remaining makeup with Menard Tsukika Cleansing Cream
Pardon my bare face, LOL. The texture is quite creamy for a cleanser, and oily. Trust me, it smells so good! I usually put the product on my hand, about the size of a cherry and a half, then devide it into some parts on the face with fingers. Spread the product with soft rotating motion, just like doing face massage. Also apply it on ears & neck.

3. Rinse thoroughly with water
You'd better use hot water, but if it's not available, regular water is okay. You can see the remaining makeup is lifted in the towel! XD

4. Clean up the skin with Tsukika Washing Cream
The texture is almost similar with the cleansing cream, so creamy, so does the smell. It's very relaxing! We have to transform it into foam before applying it to the face. Put the product on the foaming net (about the size of two soy beans), pour few water into it. Squeeze it several times until the cream turned into foam. If we revert the hand and the foam doesn't fall, it means the foam is ready for use! ^^
The fun part: Applying the foam into my face!!! It's like spreading whipped cream on a cake! Haha! 
Use gentle hands movement, do not be too pressured! Let the foam works by itself to remove the dirt on our skin.

5. Rinse thoroughly with water
I choose regular water rather than hot water to close the pores and get a fresh effect. Absorb the water with a soft clean towel.

6. Apply Beauness S Toner
It looks like a regular toner, the texture, the transparent color, with a better smell! Yup, it smells so.. good! ^^ Put few drops on a cotton pad. Spread it to the whole face, ears and neck. It's better to pat it from bottom to top, against the earth's gravity XD. I usually press the cotton a bit longer on my blemishes. Magically, if I put it during my sleep on an acne that will grow, the acne will deflate slowly in the next day, except for cystic acne =D
So, tadaaaa!!! Here is my current face condition after using these Menard products for 3 months.
By the way, I usually do these steps before sleeping at night. In the morning, I only do steps 4 to 6. ^^

You can see there's a significant improvement on my skin. Some blemishes are gone. But there are also new blemishes because I often touch my acnes with fingers. Still can't stop this bad behaviour *doh. Pores become smaller and no more blackheads. I believe in process, so I don't mind if these products don't give an instant result. 
So far I satisfy with the result. This is the first "non-doctor" skin care products that works really well on my skin and I love it so much! My only concern is sometime I'm too lazy to use the washing cream, because I need an effort to change it into foam XD. It's okay lah for the sake of a better skin. But I still wish that Menard will create a ready to use facial foam, haha..

The prices
·  Tsukika Cleansing Cream  IDR 300,300
·  Tsukika Washing Cream  IDR 300,300
·  Beauness S  IDR 720,500
·  Foaming Net  IDR 11,000

I think the prices are quite reasonable because base on my experience, these products are enough for three and a half months. Yup, mine are already empty and I'll restock again soon! ^^

If you are interesting to try their products, I suggest you to visit their counter directly. So you can get your skin checked to decide which product or treatment suit well on your skin condition =)

Visit their website: &, and facebook: Menard Indonesia for more information! ^^

Last but not least,


Hope this review helps you. See ya!!

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