Thursday, July 10, 2014

Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High?

Hi all..

So sorry for the lack of update in this blog. I'm currently busy with job at my new office. It's quite far from my house. I usually feel so tired everytime I arrive at my home. There's no energy left to write any blogpost.. (-_-") and in this holy month, I have to get up at 3 AM to prepare meals for my husband and I. Plus, my cats are so noisy lately.. It's quite disturbing. I can't sleep peacefully. You can see a pair of clear dark circles under my eyes if you meet me directly =D

I also want to say congratulation to us, Indonesian, who has participated on presidential election yesterday. Whoever the president, we have to support him, for better Indonesia! =)

Anyway.. I arrived at home early tonight. To release my tiredness, I made this video.. Hehe.. Yeahhh!! Honestly, I really love singing! I sing in my bath room, in my room, in Karaoke room, in my office while listening to my itunes playlist, I sing almost everywhere!! Be prepared to listen to my beautiful voice! LOL XD XD XD I sing my favorite song from Arctic Monkeys with my heart.. I hope Alex Turner can see it someday! XD (so.. what!?)

*too tired to reapply some makeup on my face


Thank you so much for listening to my voice! I hope you enjoy it! LOL

See ya! =D

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