Monday, August 18, 2014

Hair Cut, Coloring & Digital Perm at D'Height

Hi all..!

Today I'm going to share my hair make over experience at D'Height Salon. Yup, if you follow my instagram, you must already know that my hair is change to be like this:
If it's neat.. =D

Okay let's get started!

First, as usual, my hair was washed by capster.
Then Koko Jimmy came, he's the hair stylist who would handle my hair. I got a medium layered haircut =) My hair is very thick, it should be thinned before permed so it won't be too fluffy.
Next.. Digital Perm process. I was handled by Novi & Toy. It was the first time my hair got a digital perm. I only ever tried regular perms when I was a college student. What are the differences? The rollers that is used on Digital Perm is slightly larger than regular perm rollers. It is connected to a hose, which will transfer the heat from the hairdryer. The cream is also thicker than the one that is used on regular perm. Time required for digital perm is shorter than regular perm, but it depends on the hair.
 Here are the rollers that I mentioned before:
And here is after they connected the hoses into it.
They also put pads and tissues between rollers and our hairs/skins to prevent burning. Then Novi turned on the hairdryer and transfered the heat through the hoses.

After a few minutes, the hair was given a neutralizing fluid. Once the liquid was spread evenly, they opened the rollers one by one. Tada .. My hair has turned into curly, Yaay !!
Once rinsed, they blow-dried my hair as the preparation to the next process.
The last process was coloring! Actually I still liked my previous hair color. But my hair needed to be repainted because the color has faded. So, Toy gave me a mixture of brown + red colors.. I prefer the light hair color because it makes me look younger lah! Haha..
 Last.. they blow-dried my hair again and then styled it.
 Koko Jimmy and Novi styled my hair only with water, hair mousse and finger.
But the result was.. cool!
Novi said, Digital Perm leaves hair so easy to style at home, and it looks natural ^^ but we have to do hair-spa and vitamins routinely to prevent hair dryness and damage.

Voila!! Before-after pictures with & without flash:
What do you think? ^^

D'Height team and happy me =D
All of the process above only took 3 hours!!! Wow!! Fast isn't it? =D

D'Height salon interior is designed with modern-minimalist and elegant style.
This picture shows my hair from front, side and back view.
Novi told me that this curls will only last for approximately 2-3 months. After that I need to redo the digital perm again or change it into another style. 

It also looks nice when I style it like this, more retro, more vintage, very me.. =D
And here is how it looks if I only comb it with fingers and leave it dry naturally after shampooing.
Overall, I really love the result! So fast and effective! D'Height salon gave me a very good service and the more important thing is.. friendly team =) They made me comfortable during the hair make over process. The location is also reachable.

So, do you want to try digital perming too? Or just need to get a new haircut? New color? I recommend you to visit this place!

D'Height Salon
Central Park, UG Floor Unit 109
Jl. Let. Jend. S. Parman Kav. 28
Jakarta, Indonesia 11470

Thank you so much D'Height for the opportunity!

That's all my revew today. I hope this will be helpful for you =D

See ya!


Dewie Aprillia said...

aku suka banget sama hasilnya, apalagi waktu Carryn styling sendiri hihi
pengen deh kapan2 coba korean perm gitu, biar rambutku kelihatan lebih bervolume.. kl enggak di styling tipis banget >_<

Unknown said...

Me lovr it too wie.. =D Udah lama banget pengen punya rambut kayak gini. Cobain deh wie, jadi ga usah lama2 nyisir, pas kering langsung ngembang..

Unknown said...

bagus banget....!!! dheight mang top cer deh hehehe.... tpi ku lgi pgen ke bonks salon nih... banyak yg bilang bagus.

Beautyasti1 said...

Curly hair is sexy~ and nice color btw.. You look pretty in this hair. Giglove.


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