Saturday, August 9, 2014

Long Hiatus - Lebaran Vacation in Bandar Lampung & Bandung

Hi all!!

So sorry for the long.. long.. hiatus.. ^^ Anyway, I'd like to say:

Happy Eid Mubarak!
I hope we will continue the good things we have done during Ramadan onwards.

I'm quite busy in the past few weeks.. New job at new office, fasting, my lovely cats.. quite consuming my time so I didn't have time at all to write any blogpost. But now I'm back with a new spirit! =D

Did you do "Mudik" on last Lebaran holiday? My husband and I did! We went to Bandar Lampung to visit my 97 years old grandma (and still healthy! alhamdulillah.. =D). Then we went to my mother in law's house in Bandung.
Happy Lebaran all!! - Carryn & Ridwan -

My weight slightly increase after Lebaran. Yeah, who can resist Lebaran Cookies, Ketupat + Opor Ayam + Rendang + Sambal Babat + Sambal Ati and.. Durians!!! And.. my Uwa's super delicious cuisine with super-hot Sambal Lampung! Haha..
This lebaran, my husband and I visited some nice places in our hometown. Here I'd like to share it with you, maybe it can be your references for the next holiday. =D

1. Klara Beach, Peswaran, Lampung
There's a habit in my family, we always go to the beach every lebaran holiday if we visiting Lampung! There are many beautiful beaches in Lampung!! Last 2 years we visited Mutun Beach, but this year we went to Klara Beach. Fyi, Klara means "Kelapa Ramai". Because there are many coconut trees around this beach.

This year, only the youngsters who excited to visit the beach, haha.. We went there by cars. It took about 1-2 hours from my grandma's place in Kemiling to get there by car. Way to get there were quite crowded by vehicles who want to visit the beach as well.

In the middle of our trip I googled about this beach. Some people says this beach are very clean and beautiful, since it is new. The ticket is also very cheap. Oh yes it is, we only paid IDR 30,000/car. We can rent a hut overlooking the beach. (Don't forget to bring a mat, snacks and drinks! ^^)

Honestly, the beach is not as good as I expected, hehe.. Maybe because there were too many visitors, it looked a bit dirty. So we decided to rent a traditional boat to cross to the island of Kelagian. I forgot how much the rental fee is, but it was negotiable, based on the number of passengers. (More passangers = cheaper price ^^) We pay it after the sailor pick us up to Klara beach.

Klara is a white sand beach with lots of coral. It was so difficult for us to walk on the coral when we want to get into the boat. I used sandals because my feet hurt when touched the coral. After struggling with corals, Kelagian island here we come..!
Like any other beaches, the weather was super hot there!
Don't forget to use sunblock, hat and sunglasses (if needed)!
It took 10-15 minutes from Klara beach to cross to Kelagian Island. We could saw the other boats too. Anyway, we can also cross to Kelagian island from the other beaches around Klara, like Mutun beach, etc.. But maybe the boat rental fee is different, depends on the distance. 

Finally!! we arrived on Kelagian Island!!
You can see the sand is very white, surrounded by the blue sea!! There were also many other visitors in this island, but not as many as in Klara beach.
We can also rent a hut in this island. There are some different areas here;
- The white sand beach like in the picture below..
In this area, we can swim or just laying on the white sand, enjoying the beach. The waves were pretty quiet but the sea ​​is deep enough, so we should not swim beyond the safe limits (which is not too far from the beach.. look at the wooden board attached to the small boat below, yes, it's the safe limit, hahah..)
- The forest, I don't know exactly if there are any people live in this island. But we can find a public restroom, praying room and small merchants who provide snacks and drinks. And oh, there are dogs live in this island, maybe they are owned by the merchants.
- The beach part which has so many corals. Use sandals please! Some people on internet say they still can see "Nemo" fishes in this beach part. But I only saw an empty soda can swimming among the corals.. =(
- etc.. yeah, my time was limited so I couldn't explore the whole part of ths island. Maybe next time? I hope so! ^^
Selfie wih sister.. is a must! Haha..

We can also enjoy some water sports in this island. My cousins, nephew, brother and sister tried this Banana Boat for only IDR 125,000.
After that we're just playing with white sands.. LOL
My poor nephew. We planned to leave him alone in this condition. LOL
Love.. love the combination of turquoise sky and blue sea!
The boat picked us up on 5:30 PM
My little cousin brang few white sands inside a mineral water bottle. But then she released it again in the middle of our way back to Klara beach. Kids.. haha.

We went back to Bandung 2 days after Lebaran. So sad to leave my grandma. I hope she'll stay happy and healthy!! Long live and prosper Oma.. =')
The view from the ship on our way from Bakauheni to Merak..

2. Floating Market, Lembang, Bandung
It's time for me to spend our time with my husband's family in Bandung. This Lebaran is different from the previous ones because my father in law has passed away few months ago.. =( I believe now he's resting in peace there =)

I heard there were traffic jam everywhere in Bandung during Lebaran holiday. That's why our family went early in the morning to visit some interesting places, such as this Floating Market in Lembang.

This place were very crowded with visitors.. especially from outside Bandung. Surprisingly, the weather was quite hot.. come on! It's Lembang!!! =(
The first time I entered this place.. WOW! All I can say is just.. wow!!! There's a very beautiful place near my hometown and I've never visited it before! Where have you been, Carryn!? (Well.. maybe I'm too busy)

There are many different entertainment that we can get in this place. I suggest you to buy at least a windmills for IDR 20,000 for fun =D 
We can rent a boat to explore the lake.
I think every corners in this place is beautiful!!! I can't stop taking pictures.. ^^
Mini flying fox area.
This place combines traditional Sundanese culture with modern system.
This is my favorite area where we can find so many foods and beverages, traditional and international or both combination.
But we have to buy some coins first, because it's the payment system in Floating Market Lembang for all transactions.
Each merchant selling their products on a boat floating on the water. Here were some foods that my husband and I tried..

1. Sate Jamur
We are big fans of mushroom! Yeah, mushroom mushroom! LOL So we were so excited when seeing this merchant and the menu. 

When I saw "Sate Jamur" I couldn't imagine what it tastes like.. So we bought it for IDR 15,000 each portion (consists of 5 mushrooms satai and lontong) Here it is..
You know what?


Even I bought 2 more portions! But it's a bit unfair because the price and the satai quantity is the same, with or without Lontong. But trust me, you should try it!!!!!

2. Kentang Ulir
We can choose the spices, I chose cheese and barbecue (IDR 10,000 each). Actually there's nothing special with the taste and it was a bit hard to eat.. We only bought it because of its unique shape, hehe..

3. Pisang Bakar Sangkuriang
The name is quite catchy right? Actually, it's only a roasted banana sprinkled with chocolate, grated cheese and vanilla milk. They make the bananas look like a boat..
The taste is quite good lah! The price is IDR 15,000 if I'm not mistaken..

4. Tutut
Have you ever heard it? Yeah, Tutut is snail!!! Can we eat it? YES we can!!! Hahaha..
This is how it looks like.. We can choose between the spicy and original tastes.
We use a toothpick to pick up the contents. This was the first time I eat Tutut in my whole life.. The taste is almost similar with shell actually.. So, not bad lah.. =D

The other foods that are interesting to try..
Yeah, Ma' Lembang, not Palembang. Hehe..
There are also a toy merchant for kids..
My nephews..
Happy faces =D
My nephew & mother in law
This is a great place for family holiday. We can see many kids activities in this area.
Enhance your kids creativity in this stand for only IDR 60,000!! You can get a plain clay doll with paints and a brush. Choose the character..
My nephews.. =D
Another area which is interesting for kids, Taman Kelinci (Rabbit Garden)
We should buy the ticket first, IDR 20,000/person to enter this area.
Each person will get 2 carrots for the rabbits fed.
 The rabbits do their activity freely in this park, while we fed them..
 The other interesting parts in this place..
The Rock Garden, Joglo Houses and Floating Treatment House. 
We can also buy fresh fruits and vegetables!!
 I'm so going to visit this place again next time!!!

After that we went to "Imah Seniman" at Kolonel Masture to had lunch. But I didn't take much picture in this place..
It was a traditional restaurant in the middle of natural forest. The environtment is quite beautiful (but I think it must be spooky at night, hehe..). The foods price are quite overprice for a local restaurant and the service is not that good..

Yeah.. that's all my Lebaran holiday story!!!  I hope it's useful for you =D

I'm going to write about beauty thingy again in the next posts!! (It's been so long ya.. haha..)
So.. have a nice weekend and see ya!!


Istiarina Putri said...

Wah, kak Carryn orang Lampung kah? Hihi aku belum pernah ke Kemiling, pantai Kelagian bagus juga yaa ^^

Unknown said...

Tia -> Mama aku orang sana Tia, jadi Oma & saudara2 masih banyak yang di sana. Iya... cobain Ti kapan2mampir ke sana ^^

Dine Aisah said...

Kak carryn aku juga orang lampung.. kemiling banyak jualan dureen tuh, kalo lg musim duren, harganya bisa mureeee bgt

Unknown said...

DIne> Iyaa Dinee.. Lebaran kemarin aku puas banget makan duren banyaak banget XD

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