Saturday, October 4, 2014

Bridal Makeup Tips

Hi all..! 

Every lady wants to look beautiful on her wedding day. As a married woman, I would like to share some tips in choosing the right makeup on the wedding day. Because the wedding day only happens once in a lifetime (ideally, hehe..). You also can't retake the wedding photos, so you have to look as great as possible on that special day.

1. Make sure the wedding venue that will be used, whether indoor or outdoor
This will affect the type of makeup that will be used. For outdoor event, you can use any type of makeup with soft and neutral colors with a hint of bright color on the lips and certainly should be durable for outdoor event because you will start sweating easily. For indoor event, you can use a little bit darker tone for the makeup.
2. Adjust the type of makeup by the time of the event
For the noon wedding party, choose a softer and simpler type of makeup, because the natural light is still available (especially at outdoor event), so the photographer can still use it. As for the night wedding party, use a little bolder type of make up, but not too much. Choose a foundation shade that suits the skin tone, because the photographer will use a flash. We don't want to look like wearing a mask on our wedding photos, right?

3. Waterproof & sweatproof makeup
Is a must!!! Some brides can not hold back her tears on her wedding day. That's why waterproof or sweatproof makeup is very important to make us keep gorgeous while crying happily.. =D

4. Great staying power
You will be a queen for a day on your wedding day. All vision will be focusing on you. So make sure the makeup you wear will stay in place from the beginning to the end of the event.
5. Enhance, not changing
Every bride would be very happy when the guests tell her how beautiful she is, or in Indonesia we call it "manglingi". So, beside doing many kind of beauty treatments a few days before the wedding, use the right makeup can make you look very stunning. The important thing is, use makeup that can enhance your beauty. Don't let it makes you look like a different person.

6. Choose the right Make Up Artist
Yup, this is one of the important key! He or she doesn't have to be very popular, but he or she should knows what kind of makeup is good for you. It will be great if he or she offers a makeup test before the wedding day. He or she also has to be very dicipline. Also make sure he or she maintains the hygiene while doing your makeup. 

The good news is.. now you don't have to seek anywhere to find the right makeup artist for your wedding day. Find them on 
You can find so many talented and professional makeup artists along with their portfolios. Not only makeup artist, Bride Story also provides so many wedding vendors, just read this post.

Well.. so.. if you are a bride to be, I hope this post is useful for you. I hope you are ready to be the most beautiful bride in the world! =D

See ya!!


Anonymous said...

Wah Carryn, useful banget tipsnya. Kira2 punya make up tips untuk yang dampingin si pengantin ga ya? hehe

Fahmy Haryandi

Unknown said...

wah banyak kalau itu, hehe.. yang pasti jangan sampai melebihi pengantinnya =D

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