Wednesday, October 29, 2014

L'Oreal Paris UV Perfect Instant White & La Creme True Match BB Cream

Hi all!!

Okay, like I promise you in the previous post, today I'll share my review about these face products from L'Oreal Paris.

1. L'Oreal Paris UV Perfect Instant White
The packaging is so simple and clean in soft pink and white color. Although it's made of plastic, it still looks modern and elegant. I love the lid design because it can avoid annoying spills around the lids (if you know what I mean, it's the common problem of liquid cosmetic products in a tube packaging).
The product texture is very light in a white pinkish tone. It can easily absorbs into the skin. The color will blend naturally into our skin tone. It's so easy to apply with fingers.
It contains of SPF 50 UVB, UVA and PA+++. So it can protects our skin quite longer under the sun.
The claim is "12 Hours Long Lasting UV Protector". We can use it after applying moisturizer on our skin.

Here is my skin condition without using this product:
And here is after I apply it to my entire face, neck and ears:
This product can slightly brighten up and soften my skin. It has a mild scent. I use this product everyday now, since the sun is super bright and super hot these days.. I apply an amount of this product after applying my toner, before using the BB cream.

2. L'Oreal Paris la creme True Match BB
The tube is also made of plastic in pearl & gold tones. The design is so simple and elegant, looks like an expensive product =)
I got an Ivory shade. The texture is quite light too and easily blend into my skin tone. It is so moist and soft.
It contains SPF 35 and PA+++. The claim is "24 Hours Moisture"

I can apply this product easily into entire face with my fingers. It's so easy to blend. The result is quite good lah! It has a medium coverage, as you can see in this picture:
This product can covers my vein and redness. But I still need a concealer to cover the blemishes. At least the color of my skin looks more even. Here is the closer look:
As you can see, my skin becomes smoother and moisten. 

After using this product, I usually continue to apply the makeup on my face. Here are some L'Oreal Paris cosmetics products that I used:
The final look..
Overall I really love these products. I use it everyday right now because it's so light and give a good result on my face! The staying power is quite good, althought it doesn't last for 24 hours as I expected, especially after I wash my face before praying.

My skin becomes a little bit oily after few hours using these two products together, but it’s still okay. I just have to absorb it with blotting paper and do touch up with powder. So maybe this product is more suitable for you who has a dry or normal skin type.

Hope this review will help you..

See ya!

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