Saturday, October 25, 2014

NYX Butter Lipstick Review & Swatches

Hi all!!

I always love NYX Cosmetics products! They always have lots of shades and the price is super affordable! I always curious and can't wait to try everytime they launch a new product. This time I'm going to share my review about my new favorite lip color from NYX, yup, NYX Butter Lipstick!
The tube is made of colorful plastic (match with the shade), with transparent part in the middle, so we can see the color clearly. It is quite light, but it looks a bit fragile honestly. The plastic material reminds me of NYX lipstick tube, which is easily damaged =( But anyway, the design is quite nice and simple.
I bought three shades: Pops Explosif, Fireball Boule De Feu and Razzle Fiesta:
Here are the colors with & without flash:
The texture is very moist and a bit glossy, like butter. It glides right on my lips, and make them feel really smooth. The color is quite vibrant and buildable, you can see in these 3 pictures, from left to right; 1 layer, 2 layers and 3 layers of NYX Butter Lipstick:
Pops Explosif
Fireball Boule De Feu
Razzle Fiesta
Here are the swatches on my lips with & without flash on the left pictures and how the it looks like with a simple makeup on my face on the right picture:
Pops Explosif
This is a nude neutral shade but it doesn't make you look pale. It can be used for natural look or  simply combine it with smokey eyes makeup.

Fireball Boule De Feu
This reddish orange color will make our skin looks brighter. Use a sheer layer to get a fresh natural lips, use 3-4 layers for a special summer event.

Razzle Fiesta
I never get bored with this fuchia shade. It makes me look feminine and strong at the same time. Combine it with a light eyes makeup and you'll become the center of attention, trust me! =D

What I Love
- The color is buildable and super pigmented!
- The texture is very smooth and moist
- The matching color between the tube and the shade
- It has a fresh minty scent slightly
- The staying power is quite ok (depending on how much layers we use). More layers, stay longer =)
- It has so many color choices
- Affordable

- The tube looks fragile

I think this is a good lip color for any ocassions, formal and informal. It's also good for you who has a dry lips like me, but it would be better if we still using lip balm before applying this product. This is definitely a product which will always available in my makeup pouch! =D
Okay, that's all my review. I hope it's useful for you. =)

See you!


sheemasherry said...

I love the fireball one! it also looks so good on you! ❤ do you still need to use lipbalm beforehand? I mean it looks so moist already ❤

Sherry from ♕ SheemaSherry ♕ blog (

Unknown said...

sheemasherry> aww thank you dear!! ^^ my lips are chapped and super dry dear.. so i still need to apply lipblam. but if your lips are okay, you don't need to =)

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