Saturday, November 1, 2014

Catwoman Inspired Look

Hi all!!

Yeah I know, Halloween is over, but maybe some of you still have a Halloween Party invitation on this weekend. If you need a quick idea for the costume, you can try this easy Catwoman inspired look.
Yeah, I really love cats! That's why I choose Catwoman for this tutorial. It's also super easy and you still look pretty lah! Coz honestly, I don't really like the spooky look, haha.. All you need are just some cosmetic products, a printer, a hard paper, a flanel fabric, a black headpiece, and a black rubber band! =D

For the makeup, you can watch this tutorial video:

Here are the results..
Products that I used:
And for the mask and cat ears, you can download this template.
Right click, open image in new tab and save it to your file. You can print it on a hard paper and use it directly after you cut it with scissors. Or you can use it as a mold on a black flanel fabric, then stick it together with glue. Or if you have any other ideas, go on! Just be creative with this template. =D

Here are the final result:
The wadrobe is quite simple too, I just wear a black long sleeves top and a black skinny jeans. Combine it with a pair of black leather boots! And.. a lovely black cat if you have..  =D
Okay.. I hope this tutorial is useful for you.

Happy Halloween all! See ya!!

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